Smorgon: We have always had female unemployment

Smorgon — the largest of the 3 regional centers of Grodno region that is threatened by rising unemployment. In the town of 31 inhabitants tyscha. In recent years Smorgon often obliged to find work abroad, often in Russia. What plan local authorities for the creation of new jobs? I contacted Home Special Executive Committee Victor Zayanchkovskaya, which has excellent question.

I work in the executive committee 28 years, we have always had female unemployment

Zayanchkovsky: "I work in the executive committee 28 years, we have has always beenof female unemployment. Why? Since we aggregate plant, lime and concrete, optical machine-tool factory, foundry and mechanical, in the main associated with men’s work. But this year agreed that we will open the sewing industry — "Milavitsa" and the second — the Lithuanian-Belarusian company making women odezhki. I think we in this connection our unemployment Somehow "take off."
And how many jobs are meant to do for Smorgon ladies?

I do not think that will be our Smorgon unemployed

Zayanchkovsky: "I think we will provide three people. I do not think that will be our Smorgon unemployed. Every day give us details of the employment center. Who needs 268 people, 232 of them — male. We additionally opened training courses for seamstresses and This time does not do the 25, and 60 with superfluous. "
Authorities previously realized that something needed to solve the problem of unemployment among women in Smorgon, but it did not work.

Zayanchkovsky "
I have long been working on, I remember started construction aggregate plant, a branch of the Minsk Tractor. If you have agreed to the allocation of land under some construction, the chairman of the executive committee of the late Alexander Yuzefovich always read, go sit down and write — we want the terrain town, district creation arrange to take the ladies. But no one responded. But now there is a positive agreement that these two businesses will be open. "

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