Sneaky spy Sharangovich and his associates …

"Free Belarus" in 1918 in the editorial writes "Using a folk haze, leaders metropolitan democracy zgurtovanyya the ranks of workers, farmers ‘and Soldiers’ Deputies, for the sake of their own dominion lyagcheyshago content, cursed national movement bourgeois and counterrevolutionary and blood and steel climbed to defend their dominance. So was strangled Ukraine, razagnaty first All-Belarusian Congress and destroyed all central Belarusian organizations. "
"Star" in 1938 next year, reports the resonant process over the "enemies" the people "sneaky spy Sharangovich and his accomplices were preparing prosperous Belarus sovetskogo fate of Western Byelorussia, groaning under the heel of Polish fascism. They want to reincarnate our country in a continuous torture chamber, in a dead, poor colony of Polish and German fascism, want to give the Belarusian people on flogging and devoured sovereign Skirmunt, Potocki and Radziwill. "
On pages "People’s Will" in 1998 Nalivaiko, Joseph speaks of Mstislav district followed as follows: "Without wishing to belittle whose whatsoever dignity, to be honest: from today and the National Assembly of the Republic does not expect anything decent. Indeed, in most they own supporters Russian ideology and never deprive either himself no large army officials of privileges and benefits every … But I respect our president as the head of the country, his character … And I think that in the coming elections it is not in danger, as the opposition to persuade not be elected again. "

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