Soligorsk: L.Nasanovich and A.Tsetsura — at liberty

As said "Freedom" Ilya Tsatsura, a period of 15 days arrest officially ends at 17:30, but the police "did Tipo both relieved and freed earlier."
Larissa Nasanovich and Alexander Tsatsura detained in Saligorsk January 28 during the spontaneous meeting of businessmen at the central square in the structure of the local executive committee. On the same day the district court referee Soligorsky Alexander Buravtsov arrested them for 15 days each.
Now Soligorsk to meet Larissa Nasanovich and Alexander came Tsatsura favorite UCP Anatoly Lebedko, a member of the campaign "For Free Development of Enterprise" Victor Kryval and other activists Belarusian opposition.

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