Stand under every bush, and can not catch criminals

In our post last week — letters from listeners with arguments about burning dilemmas in Belarus and around it, the reviews on the incident, which caused a public outcry.
I’ll start a conversation with the current message Ivan Mikhailovsky from Lida. Student talks about how Belarus can be a change of government. In his letter to freedom, he writes:
"No opposition protests to influence Lukashenko can not. If anyone can change the power in Belarus, the only South American President George W. Bush will not listen if the UN and NATO. You say that if war breaks out? No war, we will not. Army for Lukashenko will not do. So riot police to surrender without resistance.
Another fundamental question to the opposition. Whether they are keeping arbitrators who have policies that those police officers who unfairly testify in court, beating demonstrators? This is a very fundamentally, because at some point they will have to stand before the tribunal in The Hague. "

In the past month our radio said that favorite entrepreneurial organizations began to compile so referred to as "grayish-book" — a list of violations committed by police officers and arbitrators in respect of personal business — the protesters.
Previously, many human rights organizations were also lists of officials, police and arbitrators who were involved in the persecution of the political opposition. (Expand the list of such persons are on the website of "Spring"). In time Also, a list for the Commission to gain recognition not entrance to the European Union of certain high-ranking officials. But systematic combined in one book results such work yet.
Our listener Valentine Sokolovich from the village Bakshty Iuye district talks about his own personal fate and the fate of the country. In a letter to the "Freedom" she writes:
"The last 13 years — the time lost, which crippled people. Live on their own small home now — a luxury. Because almost all leave, leaving alone martyrs parents. After all, how to survive here? Here I am, educated, hard-working people can not live without help others make to adequately feed and provide his only child. Here trivial unrealistic have decent work, and without it — what welfare that wealth? hard midst cherstvastsi, indifference, the collective mindset.
For what appealed to the government for help in finding a job, I hated authority Ivie, zbestsila, made nearly enemy of the people. Claims that I am breaking the law. This is — for what I almost screamed about their own and human tasks. I think I broke only one unwritten law — the law of universal indifference, silence all that is happening around. And I’m not going to leave: nowhere. Here — the graves of my family, my parents.
But over time I more come to a conclusion about the truth of the allegation that the government — a mirror of the people, and people worthy of the power which has. And therefore, there is nothing on the mirror nod in such a society. "

There are many people, Ms. Sokolovich who think just like you. And do not be silent when faced with injustice. And try to fight for their rights civilians. Them quite a lot, and they too — part of society. So, maybe we should not rush to such pessimistic conclusions hopelessly lay down arms and renounce from his own earlier views and principles.
We continue to receive from the audience about the world of construction in Belarus nuclear power plant. The decision was taken without authority representation of Belarusian society. Our friend Constantine davneshny Syrel with Ushachi believes that in this case, if the construction will be entrusted to Russian companies, the risk of accidents repeatedly grow. The argument leads the listener follow the facts.
"In late 2006, the reconstruction of automation systems for the central boiler of our regional center. Bought new equipment, and among the rest — 12 special electrical units. Labels and record in the passports show that they are made in the Russian Federation in 2004. Eksplyuatavalisya blocks in a very light mode (only about 10% of the limit load.) But for the year of operation of the 12 blocks already THREE soured, or 25%. 1st crashed almost a few hours. When I removed the seal and opened the unit for repair, I almost became bad: what here in 2004, this stone age, though some special confirm! Such radio components are not met long ago, I looked at the year and month of production parts. One of the capacitors made in June 1986. radyekampanenty Other on which there is a date of production, as two decades ago.
Distinguishing the inscription on one of the schemes — "a starter for nuclear power plants."
I believe that our brothers from the Russians took any overgrown with moss and musty old warehouses blocks of 1987-1989 release, pasted plate with the number "2004", he painted in 2004 and sold in the passport we, Belarusians, this garbage for greater cost . Apply them on their own sites (even more so at the plant), they did not dare. And for fellow Belarusians — need — wrote in his own letter to the "Freedom" with Constantine Syrel Vushachav.-li who would take these units to know the real year? I do not know. Maybe someone would take and, but for the cost of the metal from which they are made. Fact, electronics and radio parts that deteriorate over time even when not working.
If the items are used in some radyepryymachy, it is not very scary. And if, for example, the automation system high pressure steam boiler that runs on gas? Do we not have to find the pieces of the boiler on adjacent streets if it explodes?
And if it happens in the winter, but in twenty below? What will become of our regional center?
Who can guarantee me now that his brothers will not build us Russian such as crushed stone for our future nuclear power plant? How to read Kozma Prut, "once lied to who you believe it?"
If in the good, after all that has happened to Russian nuclear reactor and equipment station in Chernobyl, with manufacturers of such equipment even speech should not lead to the ability of their role in the tender for the construction of modern nuclear power plant in Belarus. After all, where is the guarantee that they fundamentally changed the quality of their own equipment and with him will be something similar to what happened April 26, 1986? But specifically Russian companies are treated by the Belarusian authorities as a possible nuclear power plant builders in Belarus. And, despite the specificity of the political relations between Moscow and Minsk, not much chance of that in the tender overcome someone else.
Wide resonance in Belarus caused the incident that occurred on March first Slutsky highway near Minsk. To detain a drunken driver who did not respond to commands from police inspectors staged from their cars, "human shield." With all this drivers and passengers, among which was a 3-year-old girls, the police were ordered to remain in cars. Who is affected demand to bring the inspectors to criminal liability.
Responded to this situation in his own letter to Sergey Zhavnerko Minsk:
"The case is so absurd that at first I did not believe in its truth. Police, which has its own disposal new modern cars, helicopters, weapons, means of communication, different devices with spikes can not for hundreds of miles to hold a twenty zadripanny" Volkswagen Golf. "And they found a personal best as substitute in jeopardy of life and property of innocent people is not guilty. As it did for we are experts at the police? listened to" Freedom "to justify them. Sounded all funny. Allegedly, they were unable to deploy studded belt, it was not safe for them. A 3-year-old the girl of the road under the wheels of the substituted offenders — was safe?
On the road, they always — a lot. Do not stand under every bush, pointing a radar, but can not catch criminals. A little
bit speeding — a draconian penalty. That they have gained that now have the right to confiscate a driver’s license for every little thing. And in a situation where it is necessary to suspend the offender — they are helpless. Who we are holding on their taxes? "

This story amazed and angered many people in Belarus. Noteworthy that almost two weeks nothing about it was clear: the police apparently tried to hide the incident from the public. And if not possible to hide began to sound absurd excuse: that the drivers just not realized the policemen, no machines are not detained and claimed a human shield.
This incident can significantly influence and prestige of the police, and power pop. Senior bureaucrats felt it. After a number of days after the insolvent excuses, they also pleaded guilty. Several officials were punished reprimands. Although reprimand — hardly adequate punishment in this case.
Thanks to everyone who found the time to write to freedom. Write. Waiting for new posts.
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