Starving again going to enter the area

Starving require the Belarusian authorities to release Alexander Kozulin and termination of criminal prosecution of opposition activists. To Skrebtsov brothers who started a lifelong hunger strike March 10, joined businessman Autukhovich activists Tatyana Vanina, Sergei Halahaniuk, the last chief of the Minsk detention center Oleg Alkaev, the daughter of a political prisoner Olga Kozulin, activist BSDP (Gromada) Ales Streltsov.


Sergei Skrabets said that feels not very good, because lost about 10 kg of weight. To avoid intaksykatsyi walks every day for two to three hours. What are the results of this protest?
"Results so far no. Kozulin — behind bars, also Parsyukevich and Kim. Results will be, if any of them will be released. We will seek their own requirements. We have no other way to fight elections are rigged, what there is still a ways?"
Alexander Skrabets together with his brother Sergei and Tatyana Vanina came yesterday in 18 hours on October Square with a sign "I declare a hunger strike." Such action starving going to make now. Skrabets Alexander said:
"Since we do not hunger strike in a public place and in the home criteria, because such an everyday action, we want to show that this is happening, and ask to join those who support us. And even if there is little public profile, then it is OK" .
Now a hunger strike favorites entrepreneurial movement Makaeu Alexander, Victor Gorbachev and Anatoly Zmitrovich. Emperor of Zmitrovich Svetlahorsk said:
"About this action within 2-3 days find out all entrepreneurs in the regions, maybe some will join. We wish to provide emotional support to Kim and Parsyukevich Kozulin. We do not hand over his position in the upcoming entrepreneurs still show themselves."
Businessman Autukhovich Vawkavysk of states that had to join the hunger strike in solidarity with Alexander Kozulin:

"After all, when was sitting in jail, many of the residents hunger strike to get me fired. And at the moment so is Alexander Kozulin and I just have to stand up for ethe man Well, for all the men who are sitting.
This is the caseetsya not for power but for around the world. Acts of our authorities are unpredictable and can not be any logic. In normal countries, you would have long understood, looked … "
Recall 53 a day or kept in jail hunger strike prisoner Alyaksandr Kozulin. He reached the, that the question of the human rights situation in Belarus, raised in the UN Security Council. The representative of the United States proposed to this question.
Activists of the unregistered organization "Young Front" held a hunger strike of 20 days. This naikrupneyshim youth hunger strike, which took place in 10 towns. Its members protested against criminal prosecution of "Young Front".
Believers church "New Life" hunger strike against the authorities’ intention to take the building. Believers Grodno parish of Our Lady of Mercy Moms using hunger strikes have gained permission to build a church.
In 1995, the Supreme Soviet of the opposition Popular Front began a hunger strike to protest against a referendum on changing the state symbols and giving municipal status Russian language. That hunger strike was violently interrupted by special services.

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