Structures for 35 thousand rubles

The greatest number of objects that have to be auctioned is in Vitebsk region — 19. In this case, only one village Zubrevichi Orsha district for auction soon be exhibited half the 10-ka objects. What is all the same for the structure, I asked the staff member of the Board of an agricultural cooperative "Zubrevichi" Alexander Morozov:
"Realize, these objects are not on the balance sheet at us — they are directly subordinated to the service of the Municipal Archive. Itself is directly subordinate to farming Minsk, since that area was previously part of the military. I will not say there sold any large objects, you need to read faster, it stores. The place itself is located in 25 kilometers from Orsha, aside Kohanovo. "
Chapter Vitebsk regional territorial fund municipal property Misha Pavlyuchkov confirmed that sold out military town, the former summer base. And, as noted sire Pavlyuchkov, put up for sale only about 2-10-s objects, and in fact there is a lot of more.
Misha himself Pavlyuchkov believes that such measures the government is pushing common economic calculation: either damage buildings or still try to find the owner of them:
"This is one of the methods to resolve the situation, realize? Here traced overarching system: Economy Republic of Belarus develops in such and such fronts. Sale, lease, or, for example, conservation, transfer of ownership, sale for one base value, generally for free or for all other criteria — it is also element as economy. Because if you want to know all the objects, prepare for an inquiry and we will give you all the information about the course of privatization, denationalization of course, about the economic turnover zaluchenne unused municipal property in the Vitebsk region. "
According to statistics of the Municipal Committee of property in Belarus about 14 thousand objects of state ownership that are used inefficiently or not used at all. Because presidential task set — all in a maximum return in the economy. About the fourth part will be sold through an auction or contests.
Economist Leonid Zlotnikov clarifies country initiative optimal approach to the dilemma. To damage the warehouse or at least some office building, must not one had spent a thousand bucks:
"Well, it is, of course, better than anyone not worth the necessary construction. This is better than damage, so that dismantle the means must be etc. So this is the usual process. Another thing bad that all this brought, as if the real estate is lost. And in the end, that the decision for one base value to sell, then per se not a bad decision. "
Reporter: "And if you sell through the auction, the all the same it is still not a base value? "
"Maybe even the base. But later, someone will do something there to this day and on an empty spot that creation is working, people are busy. Though what good and will bring."
In the list of properties in most cases get protracted, many farm buildings and warehouses. Objects ENTERED unused property to the list, which will be approved by government decree. Generally in the municipal list — unfinished objects with a degree of readiness from 10 to 40%. For example, in the Grodno region Zel’venskii for one base value offered serious unfinished building — Rehabilitation Center over 100 seats.
But there are also some noteworthy suggestions. So, in Grodno risks falling on the share sale was built in XVIII century by the exclusive design of the Italian designer Giuseppe Sacco Palace Svyatskaya. By 2005, there housed tuberculosis clinic, following the eviction of patients over and funds to support the structure. Palace came to auction, currently works there Municipal Commission.

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