Such vessels — for inscriptions and graffiti — was not ..

"Vitebsk proletarians" in 1938, tells the story of the rescue expedition Papanina: "At exactly 13 hours 30 minutes icebreakers approached the camp and braked from a 1.5 km. 80 people from both ships came to the camp with flags. Papanin We also met with flags and portraits of Stalin. After the non-long rally and "cheers" in honor of Comrade Stalin and heroes papanintsav we immediately started zvertvannya camp … In 17 hours 30 minutes all the property of the camp was brought on board "Taimyr." Here on the same floe was organized by the draw — who papanintsav from which the ship goes down. "
Under the heading "Questions answered lawyer" "Evening Minsk" in 1978, writes: "When rassredotachivanii Holiday Homes, motels and office workers and students, other things being equal criteria, tours are available at primarily donor … Before taking blood donor will receive a free breakfast and after taking blood — a free lunch. Indicated above exemptions apply to all donors, regardless of whether the donor received monetary compensation or gratuitously gave blood. "
* "The charges against Alexei Shydlovsky and Vadim Labkovich exhibited quite weird — notes on this week 1998 "Belarusian newspaper business." — The Young suspected that they wrote on the walls of buildings in the town Columns slogans and hung white-red-white flags. Commenting on this fact, one of the favorites of the BPF Ales Bialiatski said: "Such vessels — for inscriptions and graffiti — was not in any of the adjoining states. This will be the first case."
Prepared by Dmitry Podberezskaya

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