Suslov will approve programs from VOA

"Russian Belarus" in 1928, a decree of the Minsk city prints "on the opening, organization and content of restaurants, canteens, kafeynyh, buffet, beer", "Premises for selected institutions must be light, have excellent light moves as a smart and dark, isolated from home and have not a bad pravetryvanne in rooms and in the kitchen. In these areas must be placed in a suitable amount of water on plyavatselnitsy stand taller than 0.55 meters. "
"Fatherland" in 1948 reported: "On January 30, in New Delhi Hindu women shot recognizable fighter and philosopher Magatma trade … Killer trade 36 years, he is called Year. Dying Trade called on the police can not do with an angry killer. Murder Trade struck India as a heavy blow. This is more like a state disaster. 200 million Hindus to this — the murder of God … With the participation of a large mass of people was the funeral trade in all Indian ceremonies. On iron urn with his ashes on the written word "Ram" ( god). "
And again "Fatherland" on This time for 1958. The newspaper wrote: "In the end, after lengthy negotiations in Washington signed an agreement the U.S. and the USSR concerning cultural ties. And then there pikanteryya. Communicate in a clause which says about the content of American Transmission glad to be communicated in advance to be Russian, and vice versa. Seems that will approve Suslov applets "Voice of America" and other radio stations. can for yourself imagine what the fuss there … "

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