Sv.Valyantsina day in Minsk — no arrests

Young went on the city streets, visiting the Embassy WestEuropean states and U.S.. Policemen in civil comped column, but no 1 person not detained.
Young people began to gather in Liberty Square at 5pm. Young came up with the white balls and reddish color, national flags and streamers, on which was written "Belarus to Europe!" And "Young Front". Specifically, the Young were the main participants in the action.
Zmitser Dashkevich addressed the audience:
"Gathered to once again assure the Belarusian society and the entire civilized community, Belarus — Christian is a European country. And our future along with the future of European civilization. "
Initially, demonstrators visited the French Embassy. While waiting, when the girls that suffered compliments go out of the building, came to congratulate the guys Alexander Milinkevich.
"I think I came because I love and love. I am very happy with it. Can young tell that love need to keep, you must fight for it by peaceful means. Overall, I love this action because this action with such a lovely heart that they carry or have in his inside. "
It came as a young Inna Cooley, Lyudmila Hraznova, defenders Valentin Stefanovich, Vladimir Labkovich ancestors and some of the Young.
As young chanted: "Belarus to God!" Snowed. This sparked a wave of emotions. Anastasia Palazhanka was ahead of the column:
"I believe that this snow carries a blessing from God that we, indeed, going to his method."
Artur Finkevich said:
"This is our yearly event. With this action began" Young Front. "This is our tradition. It is our sacred duty. This action we show our love for the motherland, to the European values, to the Christian, of course, values.’s Why we took to the streets congratulate the citizens of Minsk, the Belarusian society to show that we are not afraid of the Belarusian authorities that in any case we will be moving to Europe. "
Youth held column Lenin Street, and later Karl Marx Street and Independence Avenue. Victory Square went to the embassy of Poland, and from there went to the U.S. Embassy. By demonstrators came first secretary Luis Krishak. He gave the young sweets made in the shape of hearts. Dashkevich turned to him with a request to assist in the release of political prisoners.
G.Covers replied:
"Thank you for coming. Always democracy and freedom for political prisoners were prioritized for United States America, and will continue. "
Policemen in civil watched the action. They were in a convoy of youth, but did not even try to prevent the march. They have for some time after the end of the promotion of young comped in public transport, but no one was arrested. Tags: young, day, march sv.valyantsina, front

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