Svetlogorsk: Airplane looking for heat loss

During the 2-days over Svetlogorsk Parichi villages and Pine Forest plane circled "An-2" with orange wings and the inscription "MOE", which is popularly called "maize". Local residents to realize the long-term goal could fly. It turned out reconnaissance plane Svetlahorsk communal use. Responsibility of the Chief Engineer Svetlahorsk housing and communal enterprise "Torch" Sergei disadvantaged.
"The main goal — to find out where to go in the external heat loss and heating systems in homes. And second benefit — it’s a broker to identify illegal tie-connection. But the main goal — to find the loss. In primarily substitution of thermal networks happen where these losses are greater where there is a leak thermal energy. And the same thing — the modernization of residential buildings. "

The main goal — to find out where are the heat loss in the external heating systems and homes. And second benefit — it assist to identify illegal tapping, connection

Equipment installed on the aircraft, unique. Thermal sensors catch leakage on a heating deep underground, as in homes on the joints, balconies, roofs. Precision equipment — 30 cm, explains Sergey disadvantaged:
"Everything can be seen using the device" imager. "When they fly over the territory, all removed, and can be seen on the map of the town, where there is loss of heat. These objects glowing in the infrared radiation. This miracle appliances belongs Gomel Engineering Institute of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. But they do not reveal their secrets. They worked with us under the contract, the amount of work completed, and we were provided with maps, albums. Besides, the computer can see the whole. "
Which "penny" has managed the introduction of the aircraft during the 2-day, do not report to the utility.

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