SYRIA get the first S-300 FROM RUSSIA — Bashar Assad

SYRIA get the first S-300 FROM RUSSIA - Bashar Assad
Syria has received the first batch of long-range air defense missile systems S-300 from Russia, the other will be obtained in the «near future,» said Syrian President Bashar al-Assad (pictured) in an interview with Lebanese television channel «Al-Manar» now reports the Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post.
In an interview with Assad repeated his danger that respond blow for Israel’s military action against Syria.
Earlier it was reported that Syria needs time to develop S-300, also stated that the Syrian government will not interfere with the actions of armed groups attack on Israel to release the Golan Heights.
Moscow stands firmly on its own right to put the C-300 to Syria despite the trip to Russia by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this month. The Israeli prime minister urged President Vladimir Putin not to supply these SAMs Syria, in an unpleasant case hinted at Israel’s military response against Damascus.
«Obviously, this step is a threat to us,» said Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Alon May 29. The Defense Minister said that if the C-300 will appear in Syria, «Israel will know what to do.»
Western experts say that the supply of S-300 air defense can significantly strengthen Syria, which could prevent foreign intervention in the war on civilians, which is already more than 2 years and claimed the lives of more than 80 thousand people.
S-300 can intercept manned aircraft and guided missiles, and can increase the chances of Assad stay in power. Western countries argue that the supply of Russian weapons can lead to an escalation of the conflict and «encourage» Assad.
Now foreign affairs minister Walid Muallem said the Lebanese news channels «Al Mayadin» Assad wants to remain in power until 2014, then again be running for president if «people want,» reports AFP. «It either will not run for Assad third term will depend on the situation in 2014 and the will of the people,» Muallem said.

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