T.Manenok: In Minsk and Moscow ahead of a huge controversy

These questions are answered columnist "Belarusians and Market" Tatiana Manyanok.
Tsigankov: Recently the Union Council of Ministers meeting of the Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Semashko said that Belarus will raise the issue of revising the formula of price formation on Russian gas. But Russian Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov during his stay in Minsk said that Belarus and Our homeland must decide all questions arising in the gas sector, in accordance with the signed agreement. Does this mean that the Russian side believes that the revision of the formula should not be?
Manyanok: Huge trading has not happened. Sovereign Zubkov may last came to Belarus in the status of the Prime Minister, because strategic issue corrections pricing formula, as I understand, has been postponed to trading with the new president. Even created a joint Belarusian-Russian commission of scholars and officials who will prepare some arguments, so as not to significantly increase gas prices for Belarus. In the midst of the arguments will be and what the majority of Belarusian products are sold in Russia and in the case of appreciation will be affected and the interests of Russian buyers.

Tsigankov: But if the formula is not changed, the gas for Belarus in the new year can cost 200 bucks …
Manyanok: There may be more. The price of natural gas for Europe has grown very significantly, even in some sense suddenly to Russia. Until the end of the year it will average $ 400. Fact, that grows very rapidly global price of oil and the price of gas is specifically related to the oil price.

March 21 was also voiced dissatisfaction with the Russian side that "Beltransgaz" pay various "non-tax" payments to Belarusian municipal funds. Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade Minister Andrei Belousov referred to this practice infringing the interests of "Gazprom", which is also a shareholder of "Beltransgaz". How serious this problem?
Manyanok: Very severe. Belarus made innovatorskie funds in almost all ministries, which helps to maintain these or other companies. And right reads Russian side, which has already 25 per cent stake "Beltransgaz" that this practice reduces the returns to shareholders. This contradicts the Russian-Belarusian trade agreements. But the Belarusian side states that it is not contrary to the Belarusian legislation. Debate, and Moscow will aggressively defend their interests. "

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