T.Sevyarynets: This must be marked prazdnichek perfect!

Dismissed for their opposition eyes Vitebsk teacher Tatyana Seviarynets, local activist and mother of a prominent politician Paul Sevyarinets proposes to make the celebration possible more public and mass.
SeviarynetsI believe it is — our common state prazdnichek. And to celebrate it, we must all together. With songs with balls — perfect! We must show that this prazdnichek — total. Because I think it should take to the streets — and in Vitebsk, and in all other cities. And, of course, it would be better that those who protect the rule of law we have — riot police, the police — also understood that people prazdnichek. And because must Do not keep people and themselves to join the ranks of those who will be celebrating.
It is necessary that this prazdnichek felt and those who do not even know what the BPR. These too much. And let someone asks: "What did it?" And he will interpret. Let everyone find out their story, and perhaps particularly now someone will start to think about themselves Belarusians. Maybe it will touch his heart.

Correspondent: And that means to you personally, this event — the 90th anniversary of the BPR?
Seviarynets: BPR for me — this is evidence of self-awareness Belarusians civilization: those who wish "to be called people" fought the republic. Because at the moment and we need to "unite all together — all those who feels Belarusians.

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