Tanks EE-T1 and EE-T2 «Ozorio» (Brazil)

Tanks EE-T1 and EE-T2 «Ozorio
Despite the fact that the history of tank development in Brazil does not have the deepest roots so the whole experience in this field previously was limited, usually to the existing attempts to modernize its army armed with obsolete tanks foreign production also works on creation and the upcoming production of wheeled armored vehicles, first 80s engineers «Enzhesa» decided to undertake an ambitious and very difficult task to develop the first Brazilian modern tank. In order to alleviate some of the puzzle, and immediately provide a sufficiently high level of features of the new machine, its design provides for the introduction of finished already excellent exhaust units and units, namely: the tower with weapons from the English experimental tank «Valiant» made by «Vickers» , West automatic box and motor. With all of this in the plans of the engineers was to create a descent 2-tank options — first, poordinarnee, for their own army, the second, more difficult to export.

First experienced the standards 2-these options were made respectively in 1984 and 1985. and got SYMBOL EE-T1 and EE-T2. As expected, the tanks and got its own name — «Ozorio» — in honor of the Brazilian national hero, a general who lived in the XIX century. Both tanks were field tests in Saudi Arabia, which shows the orientation of the solvent market for the Middle and Near East. After their graduation in 1986. started mass production of a new medium tank EE-T1 «Ozorio», which was the main intended for export. It was scheduled to release 1200 cars, but of this number only 150 were designed specifically for the Brazilian Army.

In the tank EE-T1 «Ozorio» regular assembly. Tower and housing have spaced reservation frontal main parts are made of multilayer armor type British «chobhem.» The crew, which is located in the tower consists of 3 people: commander, gunner and loader.

The main armament of the tank — British 105-mm rifled gun L7A3, also coaxial 7.62-mm machine gun. As additional weapons before charging flap installed 12.7 mm anti-aircraft gun. Tank ammunition is 45 rounds and five thousand rounds of ammunition (7.62 mm). The gun is stabilized in 2 planes guidance, actuators, electronic. As an extra protection on the sides of the rear housing tower mounted special six-barreled smoke grenade launchers. Sides of the hull, and chassis components are protected armored screens that provide additional protection against chemical weapons specifically.

Powerpack compartment fighting machine EE-T1 «Ozorio» is located in the aft part of the main body. It includes West German Automatic ZF LSG 3000 and 12-cylinder diesel engine MWM TBD 234, made in the same block that could allow spoofing criteria field in 30 minutes.

Chassis EE-T1 «Ozorio» includes 6 rollers on the side and three support rollers, guide and drive wheels. Caterpillars used by West German tank «Leopard 2». On the first, second and sixth track rollers are spring suspension. Hydropneumatic suspension chassis.

Tanks EE-T1 and EE-T2 «Ozorio

EE-T2 Tank «Ozorio» differs from its predecessor, first, the main armament — 120 mm smoothbore gun C.1 made spices French gosobedineniya ZHIAT. Control system and fire control contains a commander’s panoramic sight Crew VS 580-10 and periscope sight for the gunner VS 580-19, made by the French firm SFIM. Sights are made with embedded laser rangefinders, which are connected to an electric ballistic computer. Apart from this, in the turret mounted panoramic thermal sight with night vision function UA-9090 office «Philips», which transmits the image area on the screens placed in front of the commander and gunner.

Tactical and technical characteristics (EE-T1/EE-T2)
Weight: 40.9 tons
Armor protivosnaryadnaya combined
Crew: 4 people
width — 3.26 m,
Length with gun forward — 9.36/10.10 m,
height — 2.37 m,
CLEARANCE — 0.46 m
Overcoming obstacles:
helix angle of 30 degrees
trench width 3.00 m,
fording depth 1.20 m,
wall height of 1.15 m
The highest speed — 70 km / h
Supplies range — 550 km.

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