Taranis — British percussive drone made its maiden flight

Taranis - British percussive drone made its maiden flight
Flight promising standard English shock Taranis UAV October 25, 2013 made the first flight, Jane’s reported, citing a Ministry of Defence of England.
According to the source agency, an official statement will be made programmke Taranis after applets drone flight tests.
Presumably, the shock machine tests conducted at the site «Woomera» in South Australia; earlier in the same range British company BAE Systems, which develops Taranis, conducted tests of other weapons systems, including the first flight of the UAV Mantis.
Ground tests of English percussion drone carried out in 2010. BAE Systems and the UK Ministry of Defence program from Taranis has not yet commented.
Taranis UAV development started in 2005. In July 2010, in Wharton County Lancashire accomplished presentation device. In general, the price development programs from the drone is estimated at 180 million pounds (291.5 million dollars), writes Lenta.ru.
When developing unit focuses on the introduction of commercial developments that are already available, including management systems and service. It is expected that Taranis will be able to do different tasks and fighting to make intercontinental flights. Manage the UAV can be a means of satellite communication system at least some of the world.
In July 2012 the governments of Britain and France signed an agreement on the exchange of experience gained in the development of shock drones.
Under this agreement, France became available to develop technical programmke Taranis, and Britain — on programmke euro drone nEUROn.

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