Tatyana Klimova: This is a gift of fate

Sous: Mrs. Tatiana, when her daughter called to you now and said that your wife was released from Mozyr columns that you felt?
KlimovaI was not at home when this was found out. I paielefanavala daughter called her dad on the phone home, and said that he was released, driven to Kalinkavichy where put on a train, and he will be in the morning at home. I was in the midst of people on the streets. This news shocked me because I felt such confusion Pleasing not even know how to say — the boundless happiness. In my position is the same no matter what said to the lady, no matter what family.
SousWhen Andrei Klimov arrives in Minsk?
KlimovaHe will arrive in Minsk train tomorrow and 5:40 am, we’re all going to meet him, who wants to — let joins, although it is of early hour, but I think that wanting to be a lot.
Sous: Do you think that what caused the premature release of Andrei Klimov your spouse?
Klimova: You know, I’m waiting for him every day for three weeks, from the time when it started to move gradually to release political prisoners. As were all the bases so that his release. But in the last week I have lost all hope — in connection with the performance of the president before the BSU students, and now he spoke in Vitebsk also that the release of political prisoners will not be …
I do not know, I take it as a gift of fate, the gift of God, which I have not pinned its hopes.
Sous: Tell me when you last met with her husband, had information about it?
KlimovaI saw him on a date with 1 to 4 December, it was a long date. I do not want to talk about the bad, but then everything was very bad — he was very thin and exhausted, were the problems with the administration, he was deprived of food, brought with him from the detention center … I do not want to mention anything disgusting, let everything bad is in the past. In the near future I have had contact with him means of letters — he wrote everyday, short letters, that they were censored faster, there he described what was happening. From time to time make a request, send that to which edition sign …
Sous: You’ve probably already been invented, than find him at home, something that prepare?
Klimova: I plan to feed him everyday, his beloved breakfast — "Oatmeal, sir." Tags: release, Klimov, political prisoners, Klimova

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