Teachers write in white Rus

Not so long ago, the Ministry of Education was created by the primary organization, which entered 138 employees. "Teacher’s Newspaper" On February 12, the first page printed an editorial about the Republican public association "Snow White Rus", which "was created as the pro-business purpose which should be the implementation of applets head of state Alexander Lukashenko the country’s development, "a photograph in which the chairman of" snow-white Russia "Education Minister Alexander Radkov hand presses Ministerial Group chairman Anatoly Kuchynski.
In all schools in the country were ordered to surrender until February 11 reports on the number entered in the "snow-white Rus". Mail sent by an electric application forms, protocols, exhausted and ordered organization to hold an urgent meeting of the constituent. In Borisov district schools, for example, the consent of the teachers did not ask — all gathered at the meeting, gave signs the protocol machine and all present at the meeting became members of "snow-white Russia." Collected 3,500 rubles of so-called registration fee, and later will kazhdomesyachnye contributions regardless of wages.
Knows the teacher of a rural school district Slutsky:
"Entered Ministry — means start ABPA early take all schools. Our school headmaster Sawicki Vladimir Franzevich became head of the primary."
Reporter: "And basically it is possible to abandon? Or later will not live quietly? "

Or sign statements or think how you will quit.

"Of course, do not give a relaxed living. All the same doge. Director of our school, for example, is always in the forefront, the teachers put an ultimatum: either sign a statement or think how you will quit. In the adjoining school, too, I uttered a teacher questionnaire already filled, we can only put signature. Teachers will naturally join. In another they have nowhere to go, especially in the regions. "
Director of secondary school village Tower Slutsky District Vladimir Sawicki confirmed that the order came from the district education department teachers to engage in "Snow white Russia":
"Did the primary company. 16 people joined (the pedagogical staff of the kindergarten), have applied, was elected Chairman and look forward to the district assembly. Tired study and will act according to the statute."
Reporter: "And someone refuses to join?"
"We have the same team anymore, we do not force anyone who has not filed, he gave no sign."
From the teaching staff of the village High School District Slutsky has not signed the statement only one history teacher, a young specialist, who works at a school rassredotachivaniyu.

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