Teleconference Minsk — Vatican City (photos)


In Hit a teleconference with the Vatican "Europe and America together to build civilization of love." It was a prayer of Pope youth 10 countries, VI days are devoted to European students. Youth of Belarus before Benedict XVI addressed in Belarusian.

An hour before televklyuchennya of Paul VI hall at the Vatican, Metropolitan Kondrusiewicz welcomed hundreds of people gathered in Minsk Church of the Virgin Mary, also 10’s delegations from different regions of Belarus:

"Particularly welcome Grodno seminarians seminary, I laid in the 90th year. Thank you for your presence."

The building of the Minsk archcathedral church was established 9 plyazmennyh screens. In the main room could not get everything, and so people have settled down in the dungeons of the temple and on the street. During a joint service youth from different countries, including France, Cuba, Belarus, and other U.S. turns reading passages of the encyclical, rosary meditations on their own native languages. Minsk is duplicated in Belarusian. All what happened in the papal hall once occurred in all participating cranes. After the occurrence of the hall Benedict XVI and his general resounding welcome word got Belarusian believers. Prayer text read Metropolitan Kondrusiewicz and Minsk student Sergey Cancer. Oh, so he remembered that moment a bit later:

"Before the yield is not that horror, but took a mandrill. But all are still more have a sense of joy and togetherness."

In turn, Benedict XVI read youth in various languages, including and Belarusian. Speech to Minsk, he said,

"Dear students Minsk institutions. Warmly welcome you. Instructing the encyclical your thinking about hope and encourage you to build a civilization of love. In life take the right decisions and act, full of faith and evangelical courage."

That’s what the words of the Pope, and in common with them then read as prayer worship participants:

Woman: "Very satisfied event will talk about what they saw and heard at home, friend."

Guy: "You know, Tipo, indeed met with the Father of Rome. Hatsealsya, if it really came to Belarus."

Woman: "Such events must more because they unite Christians and unite people. "

Joint worship with the Vatican lasted about 3 hours. All this time near Minsk cathedral stood paddy and two buses with riot policemen.

Lead: "At the end of the Mass together, Metropolitan Kondrusiewicz said that it was the first virtual visit of the Pope, but he hopes and believes that Benedict XVI in reality to set foot on the Belarusian land."

In the church were not all …

Teleconference participants in anticipation

Cross, who wrote in the church

Teleconference participants welcomed the youth

Archbishop Kondrusiewicz welcomes Pope Benedict XVI

Archbishop Kondrusiewicz memory begins seven gifts of the Holy Spirit

Lights lighting fixture I give hope

Archbishop Kondrusiewicz and youth welcome Pope Benedict XVI

Lights lighting fixture gift of God horror

Youth prays

Performs Holy Father Benedict XVI

Archbishop Kondrusiewicz presents the book "The encyclical Spe Salvi Benedict XVI"

Teleconference participants

Performs Holy Father Benedict XVI

Demyanko Anthony, Martin Vidovic nuncio, Cardinal Kazimierz Swiatek, Bishop Alexander Kashkevich

With gratitude to all acts Archbishop Kondrusiewicz

Archbishop of Minsk-Mogilev Kondrusiewicz

Screen in front of church

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