Terror, bullying, humiliation: the pro-Western opposition seeks happiness in the democratic Europe

The site "Polska Prawda" published an article by representatives of the Belarusian opposition Olga Klaskouski. In January 2013 the first part of the article ("Norwegian concentration camp"), reprinted in many publications and bloggers, the second part of the article Klaskouski ("Swedish madhouse") promises to be no less interesting. Critical perception of the realities of Western staunch opponent of the course pursued in Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, caused a public outcry. Interest in the issues raised Klaskouski increased after the publication of the Belarussian Foreign Ministry report on human rights violations in countries EU and the U.S., as well as in the Netherlands after the suicide of the Russian opposition Alexander Dolmatova.

  • Belarusian opposition spokeswoman Olga Klaskouski.  Illustration: newsbalt.ru
  • Belarusian opposition spokeswoman Olga Klaskouski. Illustration: newsbalt.ru

Olga Klaskouski is the daughter of the famous Belarusian political scientist Alexander Klaskouski, and sister of the Belarusian opposition, an active participant in mass protests in Minsk on December 19, 2010 (the final presidential campaign) Alexander Klaskouski. According to the commentary for publication, Klaskouski with her daughter in 2006 in Poland, received the status of political refugee. Was in opposition organization "Young Front", collaborated with the Belarusian opposition and Western publications, as well as the Polish NGO was among the initiators of the preparation of the Polish Senate resolutions on the situation in Belarus. Klaskouski from Poland and her daughter moved to Norway, then — in Sweden.

In the spring of 2011 Klaskouski left Sweden and arrived in Minsk, where he held the trial of the "Case of December 19" — in Minsk, she was detained MIA and, according to the opposition media, punched his brother's former colleagues in the police service. Then she went to Sweden, married a Swedish citizen of the kingdom, and gave birth to a second child. By decision of the Swedish authorities, she and her daughter refused a residence permit, the government's decision can not be appealed. In early February, the Swedish authorities have taken away from Klaskouski son and warned her of the deportation. A REGNUM cites a number of fragments Klaskouski article with the author 'style.

"I did so many reports made about the democratic values of Europe and the solidarity of the European Community on the Belarusian issue. I'm day-to-day daldonila his listeners wrote to his readers of the European democracy that Europe thinks of Belarus and our problems. And so, of course, that will never leave us in the lurch. How many cups of coffee we rehash of the same European diplomats and other missionaries in Minsk, Warsaw, at various buffets / banquets — all waving their hands, saying, well done guys! Fight for democracy in Belarus, We with you! And never leave you in the lurch. behind you — the future of Belarus, When touched the real help — all waving their hands once and whacked his butt to the chest, instantly vanished — wrote Klaskouski. — All protection "of refugees' rights in general and is based on total lies, hypocrisy, continuous violations, abuse and humiliation."

"In August of 2009 I had to flee from Poland. Primary reason which pushed the escape: During the vicissitudes of court with Belarus Poland has transferred all my personal data dictatorial (as defined themselves as Poles and the Polish government), the Belarusian regime. Was flagrantly violated the Geneva Convention to protect the rights of refugees. Shortly after the incident, to me, was attacked with a stabbing. Artist and the customer is still not found. Nobody did not protect me and was not even going. spite of the fact that before the tragedy, I repeatedly asked the police for protection, reported the facts of the numerous threats written statements — including the Minister of Internal Affairs of Poland. "

In Norway Klaskouski not like the way she was treated in a police station in Oslo: "In the room, so to speak, waiting about a hundred people, most of whom — come from African countries. Room on all sides boarded up, terrible stench. Feeling of suffocation. C horror start to realize that the only ones there, we almost white. Part of Africans looking at us with interest and disbelief. majority — openly contemptuous. takes a few hours — we are so no one called to nowhere. " According Klaskouski, she was not allowed to buy adequate food for their child. At the request of patients, police officers did not react. Close to midnight, part of the profit "as hardened convicts, murderers of the past — in a police car with bars" was taken to the hostel — the rest, including women slept on the floor in the police station.

The next evening with Klaskouski a conversation "in the boorish, humiliating manner" with threats. "Conductive us" road intervyu "more like a shepherd police than the official representative of the competent authority. First long proved to us that we — the Poles, the citizens of the European Union, so azyul in Norway can not ask. Though our Geneva documents in black and white: "Citizenship — Belarus." But is down it is given to understand? Then, at her request came even some "experts" and then there were endless telephone calls on the house phone, and then someone else came, "- said Klaskouski. Later, it is more correct to another police officer had a conversation — Norwegian Albanian origin.

"And here we are in the transit camp Tanum, not far from Oslo. Such a feeling that I was somewhere in Kabul or Mogadishu … around the ruins and creepy dirty barracks. Forest. Zero civilization. Somalis in national overalls playing ping-pong . neighing wildly for some reason. Whites units. 5-7 Man. sympathetically, jointly look at each other — the article says. — After checking in we immediately made the duty of cleaning. scapegoat, in other words. This means that we had to wash the entire floor plus toilets (common) and a shower. I categorically refuse. With this African-Afghan contingent … — still not enough to pick up any infection: who they are generally tested for the presence of any diseases / infections? Plus neighboring Armenian doctor by profession, said that recently there accidentally revealed a negro, malaria patient … Armenian wrote a complaint to the UDI and all kinds of health services in this regard. Reaction zero. Which toilets? .. Another duty I was given the following day. Though according to the rules camp, take part in cleaning it. At the camp at the time — a minimum of 100 persons living. I spent 5 days in Tanum and in the five days did not see any black man who'd cleaned there. fact Serbs, the Macedonians. short, only white (of which there on the fingers of one hand could be counted) … How did it all mean? main contingent workers Tanuma — the same immigrants. Refugees who have received the status in Norway. "

In Tanum fed poorly, "At dinner — a plate of pasta and tea (in my opinion, no welding). Entire eatery packed with Somalis and Afghans. Eaten by hand. Burps. Categorically refuses to have a child. Beru with a couple of pieces of bread and cheese. At the entrance I slow down to Arab workers. pier, so they say, and this: nothing can take out of the dining room. explain the situation. said that before the dream is far from the baby still wants to eat
— writes Klaskovsaya. — Over time I began to understand the motives of such behavior . During all the time that happened to take place in Tanum bastards workers rolled up to me with a hard-hitting proposals. bastard who took a sandwich at Worlds (daughter Klaskouski — A REGNUM), Plain text proposed shortly, "But let's go for a walk together … then I'll very much bread and cheese will resolve to endure from the dining Never gonna starve me". An employee receiving too suddenly something frequenting "a visit." When I asked, "What do you want from me?" Brazenly retorted: "Everything!" We were coming off in full. Of course, some Slavic muzzle suddenly appeared here, and even shake their rights! Yes, and journalists ".

Then Klaskouski with rebenokm, mother and bedding moved to another transit camp: "This transit camp with a wonderful name Hashlemon is on the border with Sweden. Also in the forest. Us lodge in the eight-women's room. Main contingent — Palestine, Iraq, China, Iran . Couples disconnect. Husband throw in the men's "chamber", his wife — a feminine. pier, there are no places to settle a family together … But what about the article 13 of the European Convention on Human Rights on the "right to family"? .. In general, all kinds of Convention on Human Rights, fundamental freedoms? .. And what a penny-down in general has the right to disconnect the husband and wife? Especially in exile — when people are so close to need each other, and mutual support. "

In Hashlemone Klaskouski daughter started attending the local school, "It's not even a school, and a drama club. Few hours a day. Evening come to take her — a baby … no! .. I run around the camp, according to the administration, was about to call the police … It turned out that the teacher considered possible to give the child "any first comer."

"We lived in Hashlemone about two weeks. Not lived, and tormented. Feeling is that threw me into the men's area … About a thousand people — the majority of Arabs, Iranians and Somalis. Practically And some guys. Can you imagine a situation in which I, a woman with a strong Slavic type of appearance, had to get there — writes Klaskouski. — In the dining room we were fed like cattle. Plus of iron, reusable utensils (after a case of malaria as a not very nice to eat from plates / trays / forks shared use). menu — then pasta, then Fig. Meat was given only once or twice. child is almost impossible to sustain. Very many, including me, put there stomachs. Many chronic diseases worsened. Knockin ' doctor — out of science fiction. unrealistic. When asked for milk in the dining room for a child, said there should be. Like, just under 6 years … And 8 is no longer a child, in their understanding. His nutrients, calcium do not need. "

"In the camp of the local inhabitants, Papuans immediately gave me the nickname"Marilyn Monroe. "It's funny. And in Hashlemone could hire great. For this it was necessary to pay a few euros to bail and leave your azyulyantskuyu ID-card. Paid us a small allowance — CZK 200-300, already do not remember exactly. This is minuscule, but large enough.'m going to take long. Local Superintendent — of our own, azyulyantov. Somali with sad eyes. have my ID. His facial expression changed dramatically, "- says the publication. It turned out that the Somali Klaskouski considered "racist," explaining: "You've got to ID says you're from" White Russia "(in Norwegian Hviterussland — so they derisively called Belarus, no more, no less — approx. Aut. ) Do you have that, there's only white live? You did not happen out of the Ku Klux Klan?? ".

Fluent opposition activist had to explain to the Somalis that it is — from the "European sovereign independent state called Republic of Belarus, and then the same thing to explain to local authorities, who assimilated the stories Klaskouski with undisguised skepticism:" By the way, not once scolded with the UDI about "White Russia". For me, Belarusians, it is more than an insult, that my country is called is not clear how. There are officially the Republic of Belarus. And the point. Norgay me and my patriotism laughed a lot. Very often, by the way, the local administration called me a Russian, and one official UDI even somehow "knowingly", "sympathized": they say, oh, yes, I understand that journalists in Russia life is not easy … And suddenly it occurred to me: I am from a country that does not exist! .. I do not have ".

Then Klaskouski was in the third camp — NERD "All asylum seekers are looking forward to transfer to the third camp. After the torments of hell, hunger and abuse is something like a paradise in the understanding of the Scandinavian azyulyanta. Finally starting to pay more or less acceptable benefit, it is possible by buy groceries and cook. Both the camp is more like a home environment than the zone. sent us to some deserted hamlet near the village of NERD — it is 40 km from Stavanger. Around the prairie … and a pig farm. nearest shop — 7 kilometers. Corps Camp also vaguely resemble zone. But inside — more or less. Family lodge in the relatively new units. "

The third camp Klaskouski wondered about the reasons for his flight from Poland and hostility of the authorities of Norway, "But what about in my case — when Poland entirely violated the Geneva Convention? On which such assistance that State can I expect when I passed there, and sold to the guts, even without batting an eye? .. Believe: Norwegians do not care, how and do not care about thousands and millions of other lives. Their only dream and goal — to finish off you mentally and physically by the humiliating detention in concentration camps azyulyantskih, boorish, fascist attitude and complete Ignore any of the rights and laws. They are above the law. They live by the rules. Even if I am and ever will beat the Polish alley, then it will be a problem in Poland, but not in Norway. Figures Norgay need it? Therefore their task — as soon as possible to get rid of people like me (preferably generally deport) or create such intolerable living conditions / content (which they successfully do) that the person he ran away from there. And, believe me, many people do that — collected belongings and fled because she felt that already are on the verge — another second, and may damage the reason, go mad, die ".

School for the Worlds Klaskouski was away, helped the Poles, "Well, that time met with the local Poles. They were taken every morning on the machine of their children to the same school — along with Mirko with a grab. Conversely, too, she returned with them." "Several times we urgently needed medical assistance — was refused. Plus forced to pay. A Somali man was dying out there in the waiting room of administration, in my eyes blacked out -" fast "has refused to go. Like, let tomorrow come to the reception. Tooth pulled out of the field, too fiction. need to pay a large part of the benefit. And then live on that for a month? What to eat? "- wondered politbezhenka.

"I'm so in general there was an unenviable position. Only girl-Slav. Around the thousands of Africans and Afghans. Guard camp there. Complete anarchy. Nobody is responsible for anything. And the nearest police, in which case — 40 km. After lunch at administration of the camp is deserted. Only one Papuan around. eerie darkness. no lights, elementary lighting. I'm constantly broke the windows in the room. break down the door. molested. humiliated. Tried to buy, pay the money. was a time when it just did not go on the street at all. Millions of times talking to local authorities about this. ask for protection. Not so I ran away to Norway to another and there have additional problems and harassment. But I
have no one and would not listen. Came local steward, putting in a new window and — the issue was solved! Congress I and the local branch Amnesty International. They refused to help me at all and not even listened to the end, — writes Klaskouski. — Realizing that here I will get even more problems than I have, and that all may soon come to a tragedy that no aid should not wait here, I decide to leave quickly to Sweden. I voluntarily stopping its procedure in Norway and buy a ticket to Gothenburg. "

"I knew I had that in Sweden, I was waiting for an even bigger hell — Hell in a square or a cube. Such thrillers, even, perhaps, did not see," — noted Klaskouski, promising to tell about Sweden in the second part of the article.

The Russian newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Klaskouski interested in history, and has published an interview with her, saying: "You understand that a man suspected of sympathizing with the Russian authorities (not to mention Belarus) is impossible. Especially valuable is her evidence with which to face the reality that who wants to "knock over the hill," Tesha myself with the thought that there is someone needs them … How mistakenly believed Dolmatov opposition leader Alexander, recently hanged himself in a Dutch prison. "

Describing the reasons for the negative attitude towards migrants from Eastern Europe, Klaskouski noted that this "rule with no exceptions." According to her, granted a residence permit in Sweden Africans and Arabs, among whom she lived — "basically — parasitic elements that have never been integrated here, never learn their language does not, will not respect the culture."

"People do not even know how to use the toilets. Had to teach. And when I, as a mother of Swedish citizens, among these 111,000 no place, it warps. How they all formulate and attitudes — a natural inhuman bestiality. My eldest Miroslav daughter at school stoned by Arabs. I even called the police shot at beating the child. police photographed the bruises. And then the case was closed. police — the indigenous Swedes — says you also need to understand that they have a different culture, "- said a refugee from Belarus .

Klaskouski noted that the Swedish attitude towards it is not significantly different from Norwegian: "It's just humiliating attitude, dismissive. No title. I can not use the medicine here, though officially married, I can not get a child fiat. Know, a little more — and I begin to think that we in Belarus human rights are respected more. Specifically, with respect to family law, women's rights and children's rights. When we are going through a difficult period in family relationships, local social services provide me and the children full support. How it turned out, only in words. middle of winter and my children thrown out of the community life on the street. Like, pay for accommodation will no longer be, go where you want. "

According to the Belarusian opposition activist, she is thinking about suicide does not rule out that suicide in the Netherlands, the Russian opposition leader Alexander Dolmatova could be caused by the same problems faced by herself in Scandinavia. "Most likely, the way it is. Speaking frankly, and I'm one step from the last time, too, was. Children kept — they have the same one will be left. Who but me. So good look at it, which is understandable: it is necessary have a lot of courage to not break down here. "

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