The conflict between Moscow and Kiev advantageous for Belarus?

Viktor Yushchenko flew to Moscow, where he met with Vladimir Putin. Can the Ukrainian-Russian gas business to influence the situation in Belarus?
Managing analytical center "Strategy" Leonid Zaika considers: the gas conflict between Kiev and Moscow associated "with the desire to change the power of Yulia Tymoshenko in the field of transportation and purchase of gas":
"Because it is an internal conflict, there are many different participants. A Belarus it is not even profitable. Most likely, its position has a positive effect on the Kremlin. After all, if Belarus will silent, to be quiet, then for a decent ally who — as for gas — is silent, you can not keep a large payment. "
Professional in the energy sector Valentin Mackiewicz also believes nowSchnee silence Belarus increases its rating is not only in the eyes of Moscow, and of Europe as a reliable transit corridor. But this win — temporary. If Belarus together with Ukraine were in negotiations with "Gazprom", they would have had from where huge dividends — emphasizes the sovereign Mackiewicz:
"Never, neither the government nor the Lukashenko did not make arrangements with Ukraine on joint actions. That did not happen either during Kuchma or during Yanukovych even more so at the moment — with Yushchenko and Tymoshenko.

Pay attention, you can see how many years — and never uzreesh, that at one time there was tension in gas supplies and Ukraine, and Belarus.

And if to Belarus and Ukraine has joined the Baltic countries and coordinate their activities, their joint programm simply not allowed to act in such a Russian Makarov. Pay attention, you can see how many years — and never uzreesh, that at one time there was tension in gas supplies and Ukraine, and Belarus. "
Political scientist Alexander Klaskouski asserts the existence of an alliance prevents incompatibility of political regimes.
"Pulses of the idea that you need to confront together, relatively speaking, the pressure energy empire, sounded from Kiev and Minsk. In time, at least, was the official press conference for Belarusian favorite Ukrainian journalists, which sounded such an idea. I also remember a conference in Vilnius, where such an idea held President Adamkus.
And if summarized why these ideas were not realized until this time it did not work — I think it’s an incompatibility between political regimes. This is obviously not only an economic union, and political to a certain extent. And here it is necessary that favorite read as a joint language, in other words, recognized common values, including and democratic. If not, then all the great undertakings will fall apart. "Tags: Our homeland, Ukraine, Tymoshenko, Yushchenko, Belarus

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