The debut show: BTR-MDM will debut ON RAE-2013

The debut show: BTR-MDM will debut ON RAE-2013
«Concern» Tractor plants «at the IX International Exhibition of Arms, Military Equipment and Ammunition RAE-2013 will present the long-awaited airborne Troops novelty — upgraded multipurpose amphibious BTR-MDM. Without a doubt, the machine will be enticed attention and foreign exhibitors.

BTR-MDM can not only see the demo on the site of specimens, and for polygon track, where it will show their abilities to overcome various obstacles — trench, ford, slide, climb and others. The machine will accept an active role in the overall programmke demo show RAE.

BTR-MDM is designed for the transportation of personnel (troops), ammunition, spare parts, fuel and lubricants in airborne units, air assault formations Marine Corps Navy. It is adapted for use in all criteria combat deployment, in a variety of weather criteria. Construction BTR-MDM enables its complete set different interchangeable equipment, so he aims to become the base machine, based on which in the near future will be created by a whole family of military equipment for the Airborne — command post, communications and machine control, medical, logistics and etc.

Basic product in the development of the BTR-MDM became BTR-MD production Volgograd engineering company «VgTZ.» The upgrade was done in order to increase the main tactical and technical characteristics and reliability of the product. Unification held by nodes chassis infantry fighting vehicle BMP-3M and BMD-4M.
The debut show: BTR-MDM will debut ON RAE-2013

The machine is equipped with a combined infantry fighting vehicle BMP-3M engine and gearbox, chassis, water jets, bilge tools, control systems, electrical equipment, pneumatic equipment, management information system chassis, monitoring devices, collective protection, firefighting equipment, means of camouflage Equipment for installation of landing facilities.

Development of multipurpose amphibious BTR-MDM on «Shell-M» was launched in 2008 on the basis of tactical and technical specifications approved by the head of the Russian Defense Ministry and GABTU Commander Navy. In rather short time was the design documentation, done by an experienced standard APC for preparatory tests. All work carried out at their own expense ENGINEERING-industrial group «Tractor Plants».

Visited the Kurganmashzavod in February Airborne Troops Commander Colonel General Vladimir Shamanov personally satisfied that the development relating to BMD-MDM has a practical embodiment. He expressed giant intrigued to provide airborne units such military equipment as BMD-4M and BTR-MDM. Namely, Shamanov pointed to the need to optimize the production of military equipment Kurganmashzavod, recalling that in 2014 the company will have to put the needs of the Airborne above forty units of BMD-4M and 30 units of multi-purpose armored vehicles «Shell».
According to the views of Airborne Forces Commander, Kurgan has everything planned development for the upcoming production of military equipment — and the will of the Ministry of Defense, and the desired production potential. «For two years we had to stand still — he said. — Now in the shortest possible time from our production of individual samples need to cross Sotke units. «

In turn, the first Vice-President of the Concern «Tractor Plants», Chairman of the Board Albert tanks assured: «Our ENGINEERING-industrial group, which is to cope with the performance of their own duties under state contracts in 2012. We actually substantiated that are capable of solving complex tasks of equipping the Armed Forces of Russian Federation with modern, standards promising technology and weaponry, including criteria for growing volumes of supply. «

In the photo: BTR-MDM; BTR-MDM — picking abilities; Airborne Troops Commander Vladimir Shamanov during a visit to CMH (left first vice president of the Concern «Tractor plants» Albert tanks, Executive Director of «Kurganmashzavod» Igor Giske).

For reference:

Open Joint Stock Company «Kurgan Machine-Building Plant», part of the Concern «Tractor Plants» naikrupneyshim company Kurgan region, one of the favorites of the military-industrial complex of Russia. JSC «Kurganmashzavod» the country’s only enterprise producing infantry fighting vehicles, standing in the armies of 10-s of the world. Several decades plant produces competitive products while strengthening the Russian weapons on the world market. In recent years, the company entered into the latest phase of its development, which coexist in the military units and civilian products. Wide range of products confidently gaining civilian purpose and zabugornye Russian markets.

ENGINEERING-industrial group «Concern» Tractor plants «- one of the big integrators Russian scientific-technical and production and technological resources in engineering both in Russia and abroad. In the management of the group is more than 20 large companies located in 10 subjects of Russian Federation, as in Denmark, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Serbia and Ukraine.
Production activity is represented by five areas: industrial, railway, agricultural machinery and special purpose machinery, and spare parts and OEM parts.

Enterprise «Tractor plants» occupy a leading position in market sectors, which shows their products: mining, oil and gas, transportation, and defense industry selslkohozyaystvennaya, road and infrastructure construction. Machinery and equipment, machine building-issued industrial group operates in more than 40 countries.

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