The diagnosis of infertility — this is not a death sentence

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My friend is divorcing her husband. It would seem that, just think, a tragedy! Little did today scattered pairs. Loved — fallen out of love … Of thousands. So the fact of the matter is that they love each other. They were the best couple in our department. Passionate love, tender care for each other, and plans for the future … Then pregnancy in the third year, which ended unnatural, but by mutual decision: so far, we have to finish school, get back on their feet. After the wedding, decided to live "for itself." But when thinking about the child, understand that nothing is impossible. Years of throwing the most expensive and prestigious clinics, and as a result — only to disappoint. The beginning of strife, recrimination. And he said: "I want to be a father. His children. I'm sorry … "

My friend divorced her husband because the doctors pronounced her sentence — infertility. Do nowadays medicine is unable to cope with this? With this question, I turned to the leading specialist branch of reproduction and surgical endoscopy, Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine FPK RUDN MP (City Clinical Hospital № '79 Moscow), Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Armen Ter-Hovakimyan Eduardovich.

— First of all, do not panic. This is the beginning of the XX century methods of diagnosis and treatment of infertility is almost non-existent, and the XXI century is marked by significant achievements in the field of medicine. I believe that now is the problem of female infertility can be considered fundamentally solved.

What are the causes of infertility? What is the frequency of infertile marriages?

— According to the World Health Organization, to date there are 22 causes of female infertility. The most common forms of female infertility are: tubo-peritoneal (adhesions, blocked tubes), endocrine, uterine endometriosis.

In Russia 4.5-5 million infertile couples.

Many women have heard the dreaded diagnosis — "infertility", agree to make any sacrifice, just to recover. But as the years go by, and all the children there. Why for many infertility becomes a sentence?

— No, it's not a death sentence. The main reason for unsuccessful treatment is that patients give an incorrect or incomplete diagnosis. After all, to treat infertility, it is necessary to diagnose the cause.

How to our clinic drew women treated, anywhere! Someone put the wrong diagnosis, treated someone wrong … Understand perelechivat much more complicated than just treat it. What do women who want to recover from infertility? Leafing through newspapers and magazines, looking for where the higher price, and on. Unfortunately, the catchy advertising, rich interior and good hotel service medical center are not evidence of professionalism and competence of the doctors who work there.

And how do you find a good clinic?

— In this vitally important issue, I would advise to stick to tradition. Should be handled only in specialized clinics for treatment of infertility, with extensive experience in this field. Without the experience, knowledge, and traditional schools can not solve the problem of infertility.

Our clinic was established in 1997 and has since been actively working in the field of reproduction of the World Health Organization. In the twelve years we have developed and implemented the most effective to date methods of diagnosis and treatment of infertility. Our endoscopic techniques in the field of gynecology, endocrine treatment regimens forms of infertility treatments for endometriosis, assisted reproductive technology, and more — the result of years of work Clinics, consistent with international experience. In addition, we are the Faculty of continuing medical education People's Friendship University, on the basis of our clinic is conducted training and courses for endoscopy for doctors Russia and CIS countries.

Endoscopic technology? That's about it, please detail.

— Endoscopy or laparoscopy — is both a diagnostic and therapeutic procedure, which gives a nice effect for female infertility. Operation is performed under general anesthesia. After three small puncture (5 mm) is introduced into the abdominal cavity optical devices and instruments. Thanks to the sophisticated equipment (camera, light source, fiber optics) on the screen displays an enlarged 4-10 Times the image of internal genital organs. The first phase of the operation — Diagnostic — reveals almost all the causes of infertility, to evaluate the nature and extent of disease. The second phase — treatment — allows you to eliminate these causes.

Together to avoid and correct uterine factor infertility we do hysteroscopy — examination of the uterus. And I must say that in more than 50% of the cases by hysteroscopy detected and eliminated pathology, which had not previously been diagnosed and is the cause of infertility.

What are the advantages of laparoscopic surgery?

— First, the diagnostic accuracy approaching 100%. Secondly, laparoscopy — is sparing surgery (an ectopic pregnancy can not save the tube, with ovarian cysts — healthy tissue, ovarian fibroids in the uterus — to preserve the uterus). In addition, this operation is practically bloodless (blood loss 5 —15 mL), the patient does not feel pain in the postoperative period. Hospital stay is just 1 —2 days. And finally, it is not left scars that will agree, it is very important for women of any age.




Plastic surgery

The planned laparoscopy



Clearly the benefits of fully carried out only in the hands of a skilled professional. International and domestic experience shows that the best results can be achieved with intensive work, talent, proper methodological approach and the availability of modern equipment only through 510 years of surgical practice. I would say that the laparoscopy — is highly intelligent jewelry surgery, which imposes special requirements to a specialist.

What is the effectiveness of laparoscopic treatment of infertility?

— In our clinic, the average efficiency of infertility treatment using endoscopy and reproductive technologies is 45 —60%, with some infertility factors such as endometriosis — 60 —75%, with the result reached hyperprolactinemia 80 —90%.

The clinic concentrated patients from across the country, usually with long infertility, healed and perelechennye in various clinics. This substantially affects the outcome. Unfortunately, I can not rightly say that there is no methodology and no hospital in the world to cure infertility with an efficiency of 100%. Therefore, if you see an advertisement clinics promising "100% cure infertility" — do not believe it.

You take on the treatment of any patients, even the most seemingly "running"?

— Of course. After all, the woman's desire to experience the joy of motherhood has no boundaries and can not be.

Ask your question to the doctor of medical sciences, professor Armen Ter-Hovakimyan Eduardovich you can call: (495) 211-71-78, 979-00-00 or visit —

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