The homestead Lyutsinka honor Dunin-Marcinkiewicz

But that said "Freedom" commemorative events organizer historian Ales whitewashed:
"Our museum — regional, on the edge of Lyutsinka. Here — photo Kryzhanskih grandchildren Dunin-Marcinkiewicz, from the 1930s. Lyutsinka maps and plans and circles in 1830. Museum also photos that reflect different stages of reconstruction wood houses a museum. exhibited works of painters.
Create exposure helped me Member public associations "Historian." Now at the opening ceremony there’s a lot of painters, musicians, artists. Example, painter Vladimir Kondrusiewicz, writers Valery Bulgakov, Vladimir sodalite, Vyacheslav Ragoysha. "
On this time it became clear that Lyutsinka visited descendants Dunin-Marcinkiewicz — Stanislav Plavsky Agnieszka Tadeusz Kryzhanskiya.
Farm Lyutsinka acquired Vincent Dunin-Marcinkiewicz in 1840. Moved here with his first wife writer Jozef and 2 babies — daughter Camilla and Miroslav offspring. Younger daughters, Sofia and Tsezaryna, were born in Lyutsintsy.
Here the emperor Vincent lived for more than forty years and has made most of his own works. Lyutsinka while visiting writer Vladimir Syrokomlya composer Stanislaw Moniuszko, painter Jan Dameli, Yale historian Alexander.
The house Dunin-Marcinkiewicz peasant choir rehearsal took place, who participated in the first performance of the play "Peasant". It was published in 1852 in the Minsk city theater.

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