The inhabitants of Komi has more savings

Balances with banks residents Komi store 67.4 billion rubles — this is more than the annual budget of the republic. 

According to the National Bank of Komi for 2012 the volume of deposits increased by 7.2 billion rubles, or 12 percent. In this case, both in absolute amount and in percentage terms, deposit growth was higher than in 2011: 5.9 billion rubles, or 10.9 per cent, respectively.

Mostly residents of the Komi trust money Savings Bank, whose share on January 1, 2013 accounted for 72.8 percent of all deposits in the country (on January 1, 2012 — 71.7 percent).

Population's deposits remain the main source of banks' funding base. Over the last year the share of retail deposits in the resource base of banks and branches almost unchanged at 1 January 2013 amounted to 68.8 percent.

Most of the deposits of the population is involved in rubles, while the share of foreign currency deposits at the beginning of 2013 accounted for only 5.9 per cent.

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