The new head of the OSCE office in Minsk — Pragmatist

German diplomat did not assess the situation in Belarus, saying that is not enough to investigate the situation in the country.
Hans-Jochen Schmidt acknowledged that relations office of the OSCE and Belarus have a difficulty:
"I wish to refer to one of the problems — the problem is those projects that produces office together with the Belarusian government. On my eyes, registration process is very delayed. For some reason, as it turns out, that these projects are recorded only at the end of the year. And how can we implement them in a month! "
Answering a question Radio Liberty their own plans, sovereign Schmidt said that he consulted with their German predecessors Eberhard Heiken and Hans-Georg Wieck:
"It is very principle — to elect a pragmatic approach. As said, one of my colleagues, it is necessary to keep a pragmatic approach, but in the positive sense of the word.
I am sure that is unrealistic to work here without the support of your government. When I had the opportunity to introduce ourselves, I said that I do not want to quit Belarus has followed the morning after his arrival here. I think it would not be in the interests of the OSCE. "
Political scientist Denis Melyantsou notes currently in Minsk OSCE office no longer has a mandate that would allow to solve tough questions.
"Because the impact study will be quite limited. And that appointed German diplomat here, can play a cumulative role. Here we have an active German emperor salting Weiss. And besides managing the Cabinet of Germany. And if Germany at the municipal level led to its policy against Belarus as more aimed at the quantity and quality of contacts can occur cumulative effect. They will work in the bundle.
And, it may be connected thereto France that has Belarus principled enthusiasm associated, in the midst of the rest, and with the construction of nuclear power plants. Then can be read and rate of change in euro in relations with Belarus. Not that there is a different strategy, and that some countries have taken a more active policy in relations with Belarus. "
Hans-Jochen Schmidt was replaced as head of the cabinet of the OSCE Minsk Swedish diplomat Ake Peterson, who left Belarus in August. New application to its own sovereign Schmidt headed the Department of Cultural Relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany. A previously served as Deputy Ambassador of Germany to Ukraine. Sovereign Schmidt — fourth of the account head of the OSCE office in Minsk.

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