The newspaper did not apologize Zhaleznichenka without trial

Now railway Homel referee Nikolai Krupaderav held a preliminary hearing on the suit mom again expelled from the institute of Francis Skaryna-student Dmitry Zhaleznichenka against edition of the regional newspaper "Gomel true."
Alla Zhaleznichenka through Tribunal defends the honor and dignity of the offspring, which is currently serves to transport troops Zhlobin.
The lawsuit Zhaleznichenka mom said that on February 9 this year in "Gomel truth" posted an article signed Yu.Charot "I do not want to fighters wish to" democrats. "As stated in the lawsuit, the creator in the form of deeply offensive attributes Dmitry" not only immoral, but even criminal acts, "associate it with by some conscripts who "symulyuyuts physical infirmity," adapt to the nest ", hiding from the draft board."
By A.Zhaleznichenki not correspond to the reality described in the publication of her hunger strike motives son in the army and its termination, certain other actions and facts.
Representative Lena Olenchenko newspaper said in court that "Yu.Charot" — a pseudonym for Actually creator of the article "I do not want to fighters wish to" Democrats "is herself.
Publish a refutation without trial Lena Olenchenko refused.
Court hearing on the protection of honor and pros Dmitry Zhaleznichenka in connection with the publication of "Gomel truth" is scheduled for March 20.

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