The painter must have unblemished conscience before the Lord

This year marks Gregory Sitnitsa fiftieth anniversary. He participated in many national, and international zabugornyh exhibitions and events. His works are in museums in Belarus, Poland, Greece, Germany, in the personal collections of many states. He first deputy chairman of the Belarusian Union of painters. In the last 10 years trying his hand at poetry and journalism: the winner of 2-literary awards — the "Flame-2003" and "2007 Golden apostrophe." Now Ulitenok journalist Alexander says an emperor Sitnitsa about ctasunki artist with religion.

"In our religious tradition very many nationalities. Folk Art. And if we litsezreem our ancient icons, they are almost all just remind folk art. Than it is priceless."
Ulitenok: "Your attitude toward idolatry and Christianity?"

"First in almost all graced more. Well, let’s say, the Trinity, or when we put on the grave of Easter eggs — it’s totally pagan! And yet we dominated Christianity, with its very strict moral principles."
Ulitenok: "By the way, do not znyavolvayuts Christian canons artist?"
Sitnitsa: "On the contrary, it greatly enhances understanding of the world of the artist."
Ulitenok: "It is appropriate to recall the history of the church mural Ales Pushkin: How do you feel about this issue — the church canons and imagination of the artist?"
Sitnitsa: "Always there were painters who were rebelling against those canons and tried to bring an element of secularism in almost canonical art. When the painter believes that his conscience is clear before God, in this case, then that’s fine."
Ulitenok: "Church and another standard Belarusian painter Alexander Isachev …"
Sitnitsa"There’s a man completely away from the church standards — so it seems to me. This is a very superficial and external. Nimble people from the art of his well fed. I see there’s a lot of surface. Here is greater than another, something internal effect.
Since we litsezreem ancient icons, that’s where people are not fully thought about the effect of the outer! "
Ulitenok: "A Chernobyl icon Alexei Marochkina what associations does?"
Sitnitsa: "It is not canonical — it is faster picture. Here response to the event time … And when the painter found specifically that of the answer — when he raised the height of the tragedy of the Divine and answered it in the form of icons, which actually was consecrated and stored in church in Zhodino is really great artist rank, and I welcome it. "

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