The prosecutor claimed for 7 years A.Fedarava bullpen

Now court held oral arguments. Municipal prosecutor in his speech urged the tribunal to punish Alexander Fedorov seven years imprisonment with confiscation of property.
According to the prosecutor, the defendant through abuse of official capacity, violation of the order to pay the salaries of municipal property and appropriation of the state caused damage in the amount of 18 million rubles. Wines Fedorov said prosecutor confirmed.
The lawyer, in turn, urged the tribunal to restrict probation.
It is expected that on March 31 the referee Alexander Tarakanov sentence reads Alexander Fedorov.
Alexandra Fedorova detained in Last year June 14. While the investigation was conducted, he was in Mogilev temporary detention. October 31 Shklovsky Tribunal began its consideration criminal case.
At the first hearing, Alexander Fedorov partly admitted his guilt, but noted that the violations he did through the production need. Its central katselni, they heat the principal municipal facilities — executive committee, the prosecutor’s office of the school. Financing katselnyav lacking to support their work, read Fedorov.
Since 1994, Alexander Fedorov works as the master boiler. Prior to the conclusion he was driving with 3 boiler. Two of them were regarded as exemplary in the region.
Alexander Fedorov — an active participant election campaigns. In 2001, during presidential elections, He was arrested on the orders of the district prosecutor, but soon released.

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