The Tribunal did not see insults Zhaleznichenka

Alla says Zhaleznichenka:
"The Tribunal rejected — it has become ordinary. Believe that everything was confirmed: Corresponding distorted facts, hurt my son. Unfortunately, we have in court is very difficult to achieve anything. Tribunal took into account only the outlook for some reason the part that is comes out and blames offends. "
Alla Zhaleznichenka through tribunal tried to refute the information about the offspring Dmitry filed February 9, "Gomel truth" in an article signed Yu.Charot "I do not want to fighters wish to" democrats. "
Namely, it said that from Dmitriy "you can expect anything" that "inductee cunning: it is clear that was not going to take orders from any language" that "shameful image of" a man who Zakas from the army "does not correspond thoughts that declare "democrats."
In court Alla Zhaleznichenka clarified that Article sided, biased. Nor its offspring Dmitry nor none of her employees "Gomel truth" did not speak.
Not counting refute untruthful facts and meek in front of family, Alla Zhaleznichenka claimed to recover from the editorial and publishing creator 1,000,000 rubles as compensation for moral damage.
Employee "Gomel truth" Lena Olenchenko (she filed to the court a certificate from the wording that is the creator of the publication) claims against the newspaper did not recognize. Explained that an appeal to the Ministry of Defence and the Constitutional Court "confirm Dmitry reluctance to serve in the army."
The requirement to serve in the conscript military unit, where orders are given in Belarusian, a correspondent named "infringement of representatives of the command", as the country has bilingualism.
In refusing Dmitry Zhaleznichenka take the military oath representative "Gomel truth" to create reluctance "to make orders in any language."
In oral comments to the arbitrator’s decision drew attention only the word "mow", advising representatives "Gomel truth" to write more correctly.
Immediately after the declaration of refusal in a lawsuit against the newspaper wrote Alla Zhaleznichenka preparatory appeal statement to the regional tribunal, in which disagreed with the judge’s decision Krupaderava Nicholas.
Recall that the offspring Alla Zhaleznichenka excellent students and public activist Dmitri was re-certified in January in the third year of the Faculty of Mathematics of the Gomel State University named Skaryna and urgently called up. Already almost two months he serves Zhlobin transport troops.

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