The Tribunal took the side of the executive committee

Certain public events were ordered in September, during the campaign for the election of members of parliament to explain his position on the elections and campaigning against strong candidates.
The reason for the ban — and the Tribunal agreed with this — was first that politicians have not concluded agreements with the police, and the central city hospital spetsavtopredpriyatiem on service events.
Although CEC Chairman Lidia Yermoshina Gomel reported to activists that the Gomel City Executive Committee recommended that during the election not to seek applicants from such contracts, the Board failed to heed this advice. Moreover, the representative of the City Council in court Polina Lobanov stated that in the office she could not find any support of such councils, or from executive committee.
"I offered to make personal decisions in the address CEC Chairman Yarmoshina and Gomel Regional Executive Committee. Indeed, as revealed in court, only to us, personal parties, focused writing about mass events during campaign. Executive committee as such councils did not receive one or the other address. Intentionally or not, and the executive committee, and Yarmoshina misled us, as people, and in this case, the tribunal "- says Vladimir Katsora.
Referee Shitikov, but has not made a personal decision. He explained to the fact that it has no disk imaging tested as to whether not to have reached the city executive committee chairman of the Central Election Commission advice.
Do not become a referee makes decisions and decisions of the executive committee nekanstytutsyynasts number 299, whereby require applicants to enter into contracts with the police and city hospitals th spetsavtopredpriyatiem on service events.
The plaintiff and the chairman of the regional branch of the UCP Vasily Polyakov so spoke to refuse to recognize the court decision unreasonable City Council to ban the events during the parliamentary election campaign:
"This decision was expected. Were, but still hope that in the context of changes that occur at the moment between Belarus and the EU, any configuration will occur. But the current decision of the court — this additional evidence Belarusian authorities are not yet ready to liberalize the system, to ensure that allow citizens to exercise their political rights and civilians. "
Incidentally, the court left unaddressed seven lawsuits to prohibit executive committee events during today’s parliamentary elections.

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