The Tribunal upheld the legality of the call Zhaleznichenka

Cassation appeal mom Zhaleznichenka judge’s decision Homel Russian Yuri Zhorova who acknowledged the service of sound direction Dmitry Zhaleznichenka rejected.
Alla Zhaleznichenka behalf son filed a lawsuit in the District Tribunal in the unlawful acts of urban draft board. After re-allocations of the Gomel Medical Institute Dmitry F. Skaryna Commission hastily called him into the army for military service.
At the time of the call Dmitry took healing from hypertension. He gave the commission a copy of honey help. Due healing Dmitry had the right to the postponement. Besides, he did not even have time to appeal his expulsion from the re-institution.
District Tribunal, but did not take into account certain incident, citing the testimony of Dr. A. Astratsova draft board. By him, Commission concluded that the pressure at inflated conscript Zhaleznichenka "part of the excited state, expulsion from the University."
Later, a military medical center Tipo not confirmed the diagnosis of arterial gipertenzyyu.
In provincial court Alla Zhaleznichenka explained that the draft board her son left a statement about the health of honey with a copy of reference. Militarily same medical center in Minsk Dmitry was one day — after, as perceived in the unit from pressure medications.
Regional Tribunal clarification mom Zhaleznichenka not considered valid and dismissed the appeal.
So makarom with present a day or District Court’s decision on the validity of the call Dmitry Zhaleznichenka for military service zopoluchilo validity. Ex-student will serve 18 months, unless his case about the call is canceled High Tribunal.

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