The unique black box designed in Kursk

The specialists of the Kursk plant "Device" created the flight recorder for recording flight data with advanced information storage.

  • The previous generation of flight recorders
  • The previous generation of flight recorders

"This" black box "remains intact even when the temperature of a thousand degrees Celsius," — said the president of JSC "Concern" Avionics "Sergei Kolyadin at an international air show" Farnborough 2012 ".

He explained that in Kursk today have a unique product, special materials, which allows the introduction of it in the body of the "black box" to store information at high temperatures for a long time. "We can now provide safety data recorders when exposed to a temperature of a thousand degrees Celsius for an hour with full coverage, and 10 hours — at temperatures up to 260 degrees, which is unprecedented for a large aircraft," — said S.Kolyadin.

In addition, the general trend in the development of the subject abroad, S.Kolyadin said, is to increase the amount of information that can be stored on the media flight recorders.

According to him, a number of leading Western companies working together to ensure the conservation recorders at high temperatures. "In Russia we have a completely unique design for this part," — said S.Kolyadin.

Amount of information that can be stored "black boxes" made in Kursk, significantly expanded the ability of the device to conduct, including video, audio recording flight data. "They can now write infinitely many," — said S.Kolyadin.

He also said that now Kursk "Device" is a new development in the field of weapon control systems. "Already in 2012 we hope this competitive product to market", — said S.Kolyadin.

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