The unique electro-slag remelting furnace is set to Atommash

At the end of the year on the first industrial building plant "Energomash (Volgodonsk) — Atommash" production specialists began operation control assembly electro-slag remelting furnace. The height of the imposing structure is more than 20 meters. Building construction in a horizontal position, ensuring availability and processability control. For tilting the assembled structure and the outrigger was applied special tooling and yoke, which provided structural strength when tilting and safety of personnel.

In the early days of the new year produced installation of mechanical and electrical design, as well as the control system. To date, successfully completed the first phase of trial testing the installation.
Event says project manager, the director of the design department — Anton Titov, "The design of this installation a brand new and has no analogues in Russia. Accordingly, there were no nuances in the manufacture and assembly. But all questions promptly solved jointly with specialists of engineering production of steel structures, decision-making centers and the Department of PMMA gas turbines. Beginning stage of trial installation commissioning tests have shown excellent results of our efforts. The first stage of the tests were static tests of the basic units of cargo load exceeding the working of 1.25 times. In this case, cracks, permanent deformation, and other abnormalities were found. The second stage of the test was to relocate the carriage with no load. Throughout the range of motion were stable, with no jumps, while low values of the current consumption of the motors moving the carriages. And this is one of the most important indicators of the quality of the design, manufacture and assembly of the structure. On this positive note, I want to thank all the participants of this unique project from the working managers and staff to congratulate the successful results of the first and second phases of the trial tests.
According to the approved test program we are waiting for the third and final phase in which we will see the performance and reliability of the equipment at the same time check the electro-slag remelting already under work load at different speeds. The results obtained in the early stages, give us confidence in the success of the final test. "

After completion of the acceptance test equipment will be delivered to "(Belgorod) — BZEM" for installation in the new production building. Total for Belgorod colleagues will be produced four such installation.
Recall that the developed Engineering Center Company "Energomash" setting electro-slag remelting (ESR) is used for the manufacture of hollow ingots pipe outside diameter up to 960 mm and a height of 9.5 meters. Ingots produced by electro-slag remelting, used for pipes in thermal and nuclear power plants, where high strength and reliability of our products. "

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