The unique study video analysis of movement

Siberian Clinical Center FMBA Russia today presented a unique diagnostic laboratory analogues in Russia yet, — study video analysis of movement.

Here at the Clinical Center, completed the installation and commissioning of the equipment in the lab video analysis of movement. Cabinet allows using modern technologies to detect any violation of human motor functions, described in the press service of the Ministry of Health of the region.

Diagnosis involves the simultaneous use of four methods of investigation: camcorder (video capture), power platform (fixes the distribution of body weight while moving), electromyography (sensors on the body of the patient's record contraction of the muscles), special cameras with radiation close to the infrared (sensors detect human motion in space).

A computer program processes all data obtained in this research, and provides medical information about the patient's mobility impairments. This will help to more accurately diagnose patients with neurological diseases, assess the progress of treatment and rehabilitation. In addition, the video motion analysis system will be used in surveys of Olympic athletes who have suffered injuries, told in krayzdrave.

According to the developers of the system, a new division of the Siberian clinical center in terms of equipment is included in the top five in the world.


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