The unique tower and wagons of class luxury in Yaroslavl

October 6, in the management of the Northern Railway journalists of regional media showed "heart of the Northern Railway" — updated control center, which is concentrated in the management of all shipments.
Head of the Northern Railway Basil Biloha told about the results and prospects of the development of highway


Now tower of the Northern Railway in Yaroslavl is unique in the country. Meanwhile, all the software center — the handiwork domestic IT-Schnick.

A single bulletin board allows you to monitor a stretch of more than 600 km. On the very busy transport corridor Kuzbass-North-West — 56 stations. Each controller monitors simultaneously to twenty trains availability branch controls any station wherein talking on the phone. So for 12 hours, every day. These specialists are worth their weight in gold.

At the final conference, journalists were introduced to the prospects of Russian Railways. Plan to pave the northern branch and start new construction in the Republic of Komi. Investment in the development of the northern line in the next year will amount to 15 billion rubles.

"A lot of it is new locomotives that are currently economically affluent, technically dominated those series locomotives that were with us, and the development of infrastructure linked to the understanding and the need of movement of passenger traffic today, because we are at a distance such as Russia, practically and would have The rules are the speed that came before it, "- said the head of the Northern Railway Basil Biloha.Osnovnaya trend of" Russian railways "in the near future — a bet on high-speed lines, upgrade of passenger and cargo fleet. In our region — the construction of an additional route to the Vologda region.
At the end of the meeting Vasily Biloha pleased gathered information about what this year on the Northern Railway received 67 new wagons class "luxury". It is the large-scale procurement of rolling stock on a level highway in the last few years.…_vologodskoy_oblasti.html…s.html?id=529540493&cid=7

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