They were unforgettable days of

Painter Alexei Marochkin spent sightseeing trip in places BNF in Minsk.
Several 10-s Now people took part in excursions to places in Minsk, the education-related Belarusian Popular Front.
Her staged painter Alexei Marochkin who came to the organizing committee of the BPF, and member of the "Youth of BPF" Franak Vyachorka.
Most conspicuous — the building is on the former street Varvashenya where at the moment is the mansion of the BPF. Also Reddish church, past "House of Cinema".
Workshop in Eugene Kulick paddashy street Tank, workshop sovereign Marochkina at Railway Square shops and painters in the house on the street Dimitrova, where preparing documents, posters to the first congress of the BNF in Vilnius. Alexei told Marochkin:
"We came in the most important thing place to reddish church, where the fate of the BPF. Here was organized "Martyrology" and was announced at the meeting bolshennom organizing committee for the creation of the BPF. Yes, those were days of unforgettable. We remember that while we ablashchyv Reddish church, then it was a home movie. And, of course, the communists want to disrupt the meeting. But who remembers from their elders, as it took the microphone Vasil Bykov and prevented violence against the organizers of the meeting. And was then announced the organizing committee, formed after the BNF. Later, it was October 30, 1988. This building is entered in recent history as the place where the BPF began, our universal popular movement. "

Participants tour the church to light a candle in memory of Vasil Bykov, Misha Tkachev, Eugene Kulick, Gennady Sokolov Cuba and other activists of the front.
Participants tour the church to light a candle in memory of Vasil Bykov, Misha Tkachev, Eugene Kulick, Gennady Sokolov Cuba and other activists of the front.
Franak Vyachorka tour participants to read the list of participants "Martyralegu" and the organizing committee of the Belarusian Popular Front:  


Franak Vyachorka and Alexei Marochkin
"These are the people who became the founders of the BPF and" Martyralegu! "That was the basis for the BNF, which revealed the truth about Stalin’s repressions. Tulloch and specifically on Kurapaty on promotions to Santa frontovtsev generation increased 80-90s."
Excursion ended on the street Dimitrova 3. On this site was previously home to the studio of the painter, which were often Vasil Bykov and Ryhor Baradulin other BPF. Alexei Marochkin recalls:
"There have worked quite well-known painters — Eugene T. Henry Tikhanovich Adolf Gugel. Here could be a big sign. Later workshop and we got — it’s Viktor Markovets, Alex and I Pyatruhna. Near Nicholas Mazarchuk workshop was, incidentally, is also a member of our community" Chasing. "And then pawned our association" The Chase ". But then before that was flat art BNF. Here we decorated by our procession. remember, back in those Russian Times, somewhere in the 90s, we were preparing to march on March 25, worked through the night and the police came to us and asked: what are you doing here? But then Ridge Bolshevism was broken, it was felt, they did not touch us. Not that both This year 25 March broke into my studio, arrested all my products, which was prepared by 25 March to This time I can not take it away. "

Also, the participants laid flowers excursions to monuments to Yakub Kolas, Yanka Kupala, Adam Mickiewicz and Joseph Drozdovich. Evening in the office of the BPF respect the founders passed BPF BPF members argkamiteitu "Martyralegu."

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