Those Days Will -1997-98. As it was

During the second half of 1996, massive street protests have occurred almost every month. In autumn 1996, Alexander Lukashenko stated further referendum to make configurations in the Constitution. The Supreme Council has gathered a group of deputies required number of signatures for impeachment. To resolve the conflict, in Belarus for one night came chairmen of the chambers Russian parliament Yegor Stroyev and Gennady Seleznev. The agreement, which was signed between President Lukashenko, Semyon Sharetsky speaker, chairman of the Constitutional Court Tikhinya, Lukashenka declared invalid, as the guests had left Moscow.

March 22, 1997 several thousand people tried to gather in Independence Square. But the area was cordoned off by riot police. People gathered around the area on the avenue. Vladimir Lysko
shared his memoirs:
"First incident occurred there when mom Slavomir Adamovich police seized and dragged into" funnels. "People its" recaptured. "We went Respect. Always, we walked, the police did provocation. Then Karpenko was still with us. " Shop around "Lenok" not far from Yakub Kolas braked police "funnels". From there, police ran out and grabbed the 2-marchers who carried the white-red-white flags. Demonstrators rushed to the defense. ORT cameraman Dmitry Zavadsky filmed the incident. Someone from the crowd hit him in the face with his fist, and later still stick on the back. Together with his young employee was ORT cameraman Dmitry. Sergei Gehlbach
He recounted:
"Filmed BNR anniversary celebration — the Belarusian People’s Republic. Our operator Zavadsky" horrible "perturbed from the crowd. Since it took, and also knew that he worked for BT’s … and beat him. Those were the passions."

On that day, police detained a hundred people. Against five protesters brought criminal cases. Two were for two years, "chemistry", another three had two years deducted money from wages.

Meanwhile we started burning the Russian flag, because it all happened the other day on April 2. A Russian flag was the emblem of our protest

Demonstrators marched from Yakub Kolas to the Opera House. After the meeting about 3 hundreds of young people went to the side of Lukashenka’s administration. Met them near the circus riot. Timofei Dranchuk
was then still a minor.
"There was a hassle. Eugene Skochko everyday threw a smoke bomb under the feet of riot police. Those who do not understand what to do. Well, in the meantime we started burning the Russian flag, since all this happened the other day on April 2. A Russian flag was the emblem of our protest."
A week later, authorities ruthlessly dispersed a demonstration near the Russian embassy.
I suggest listening to a piece from the archives of Liberty reportage Yuri Karmanova March 25, 1997.


And here again the same piece of reportage about Karmanova Jury trials of protesters in Freedom day in 1998.

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