To change how ready America?

Not even get into my garden pochetaemyh fellow political scientists still wish to say a few words about the South American elections, as they spetsefichesky way, albeit indirectly, affect my family and me.
Today South American election could be a turning point and probably cause understandable because the world’s attention. This happened a few circumstances. In the end, winning the 1st of 2-major Democratic candidates, the 44th President of the United States may be for the first time in the history of the country lady or African-American.
According to the newspaper Daily Telegraph (February 8, 2008), "America has every reason to take a defensive position. Mir does not love her, and America knows it. U.S. President, which in today’s general election campaign is not mentioned, it seems to be generally was not, does not enjoy the sympathy of citizens even more so, they know what causes bad feelings in the Bush globally … Although no one reads about it, many of the Yankees feel that he lives in a country surrounded by … Thread safety is just a matter of debate in the ordinary Yankees. "
Against this background, occurs segodnyaschy campaign, came in such an atmosphere and will still be a lot of "primaries". While on the battlefield were three candidates: John MekKeyn GOP and Hillary Klinatan yes Barack Obama for the Democratic Party. About them — each and sundry — can read a great number of articles, but of this I dug out a whole lot of disk imaging is perhaps more significant.
MekKeyn John, who in ’71 — that’s about once Bush. His father and grandfather were admirals South American fleet. John being a military pilot was at war in Vietnam. His plane was shot down and badly wounded MekKeyn 5 years spent in dire Vietkongu captivity, where he was often tortured. But the war in Vietnam, and because at the moment in Iraq, it considers correct and appropriate, but the blame for the defeat MekKeyn lozhit to Congress, which then, in Vietnam, and now in Iraq spared the war suitable amount of funds. Republican candidate really believes in the greatness of America and its historical exclusivity. South American values of freedom and he is ready to defend by military all over the world.
Hillary Clinton’s 60 years — wife of the former president, senators and experienced politician. It is even more left and right social than her husband. Hillary fussing about the plight of the poor, promises all the Yankees medical insurance (which is very fundamental in America), believes that the rich should share their wealth with the poor and disadvantaged. She is against illegal immigration, but support a tough line against Iran, North Korea and international terrorism, also plan to build a missile defense shield in Europe. She believes that despite the apparent failure in Iraq, the U.S. should continue its efforts to "export democracy", but do it must use a balanced and more than appropriate.
Barack Obama, the offspring of an emigrant from Kenya and the white daughter of a farmer in Kansas — the youngest of the three candidates, which is not without significance. He is 46 years old. A couple of years he lived in Indonesia as a young man happened to try and alcohol and drugs. But thanks to a scholarship Obama graduated from the prestigious Harvard Institute. Whereupon, instead of making hundreds of thousands of dollars in lawyer office, usually worked social worker, helped the poor and bloodless. (This is the page biography, which he would be the envy of his rivals). America found out about it in July 2004, when the Democratic Convention, he gave a fiery speech, called for compromise and unity partition. Just defeated in the elections to the Senate, but it came after the start of the war in Iraq, against which he had from the beginning. Obama believes that in the current situation would be minimal harm the immediate withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq.
So makarom, Americans will choose between them by 3. MekKeyn associated with all that has been, and that many are tired. Not counting the war and military rhetoric, determination and faith in democracy and South American greatness, he offers almost nothing. Must admit that the Americans so tired and expensive for poor countries wars that bellicose rhetoric MekKeyna hardly enticed Yankees.
Hillary Clinton has at least as many fans as enemies. According to some professionals, many Americans against the ruling clans and dynasties. Say, Bush already had two, and now to be the second Clinton? True, she familiarized, but with all this kind of cool, restrained (although it happened praslyazitstsa). Her says that she — a woman and mother, and the ladies — it more than half the electorate. She learned of motherhood and an adulterer, but, on the other hand, she’s a real "man in a skirt."
But Barack Obama speaks under the slogan of change, although they are likely symbolic and it is not enough to specify them. He just knows that she thought the change arouses curiosity, people wish to change, because no situation is not so good, so it is not could change to the best, and today the situation is not much optimistic America. But there is one aspect. Obama’s Full Name: Barack Hussein Obama. For many, "Hussein" is associated with Saddam Hussein, and "Obama" with aces (bin Laden) It would seem at what is a favorite whether Saddam al-Qaeda, but in combination with black skin it can cause emotional rejection of the candidate, and human emotions — it important factor
The election victory of Hillary Clinton and first lady as U.S. President seems more possible. That would be a logical ending long-term emancipation of American ladies, and probably the smallest shock than in the case of Obama’s victory. At the theoretical level, nobody in America is not against any ladies and not against the dark, but African-American, the white House, let the young and charismatic, America seems not ready yet.

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