Toilet for their important monument

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March 25 marks the 90th anniversary of a day or proclamation of the Belarusian People’s Republic. This date dedicated mass rallies and pickets, which are planned in different towns of Belarus. Calls listeners:
Pavel, Minsk: "Radio Freedom! Stay a few days are to the greatest prazdnichkom Belarusian people — the 90th anniversary of the BNR. Lofty diviner truth Vasil Bykov referred to it" twinkle in the darkness of lies. " All conscious people in entot day must take to the streets, squares of towns and villages to organize mass rallies, so many people, even those who walks on set days of power with a glass and pork rinds, gained access to the primary national and municipal prazdnichka. We will leave dense rows of flowers, prayers and songs of its own homeland. Free live Belarus! "
Sovereign Zharkov Pruzany: "March 15, 2008 received a reply from Pruzhansky executive committee., Read:" We inform you that your application for carrying out March 23 this year Pruzhany picket we considered. Picket followed by inappropriate reasons: March 23 is a funny day weekends, the organization will picket inconvenience for the residents and visitors of the town. In addition, the creation of the Belarusian People’s Republic was not recognized by the international community and can not be the basis for public events dedicated to this date. Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee Kudravets. "
Expression commented one of the applicants action on March 25, the chairman of the Joint civilian Party Anatoly Lebedko.
"We have a variety of answers, and many of them are worthy of a museum of delirium. Pruzany What up, you just need to come to give a lecture for the administration, and I’m ready do. Links to world public opinion, which is not recognized Tipo BNR indicate only that the level of regional authorities have reigned one obscurantism. "
The police detained the circulation of new issues of newspapers "Narodnaya Volya" and "Comrade." Comment listener:
Anastas Semenovich: "Comrade Naumov, until what time your people shall blaspheme against the police in Belarus? They that have nothing to do, except as delaying our beloved newspaper" Narodnaya Volya "? Think about yourself, where you’ll scoot if reject head chief of Belarus ? Dear Belarus Lives! "
Students will also continue to speak out about what happened on the highway near Minsk on March 2. Let me remind you that the traffic police staged so called "human shield" of cars with people to suspend an intoxicated driver.
Lady: "Good evening," Freedom. "About the incident on the highway near Minsk has been said many. I little else. Life for our control — as an arithmetic operation: one more, one less. If a natural commotion killed thousands of people everywhere — Rescuers in the world of special services, doctors will be desperate to fight for the 1001st for the 1st live. And then, to fulfill its mission, the Belarusian traffic police held up by people perish. "
Andrew, Pinsk: "I, like many people, outraged by the fact, when the traffic police made a" human shield "of the people to suspend the offender. Then needed Nicholas Charginets not defend the honor and dignity of their own colleagues, and to defend the honor and dignity those people, who risked their lives in including and child. He’s my honor and dignity for some secure note in the newspaper estimated at 600 million rubles. Here each family affected at least 10 million, he would have sued their own colleagues. In such a situation Nikolai Cherginets would show that our laws are for everyone, not only for those who are in power at the trough. Thank you for your attention. "
Subsequent judgments — about the state of the Belarusian economy:
Constant listener: "Misha Myasnikovich, president of the Academy, in the journal" Science and Innovation "cites:" In 2006, the number of loss-making companies have almost doubled. "It’s creepy. Economic means is not control, Lukashenko does not even know what had it is, and administrative. Our economy is falling, as it may. "
Man: "I can not keep silent any longer. Over 15 godkov Lukashenko Belarusian destroyed the entire economy. Throw him from this post, Thank you."
Expression commented politician and economist Yaroslav Romanchuk
"Driven from office may only people. In 2006 he was given such power. And if at the moment he does not take it, then nothing is. I can not say that our economy is destroyed, but it is very unstable. ‘Cause I agree what you need change the management of the country, you need to change course. And only then will we be able to ensure stability — both for older people and for young people. "
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Evgenij Kozlov, Orsha: "Good evening, Radio Liberty. Now I was in a meeting in the Museum Karatkevich on transfer of the monument to the writer in another place, in connection with what is built next to the toilet in the future Orsha" Dozhinki. "It looks very ugly: it turns out that the toilet is needed for "Dozhinki" important monument of the famous writer, countryman. Karatkevich This offends the memory, in general humiliates him. We, the residents of Orsha, very sad, hurt, why did not learn this question for discussion through Orsha newspaper, radio, television. And since we are the masters of power for a rogue, "no people", as expressed at the meeting, Mrs. Sednyakova openly, sincerely. And what he would have said Vladimir Korotkevich? "

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