Tractor-trailer KrAZ shipped to Kazakhstan

"PAO" KrAZ ", according to signed in March of this year the contract with« service drilling company "(Republic of Kazakhstan), shipped to the customer party tractors KrAZ-6443 6×6 wheel.

Eight cars, heavy trucks KrAZ-6443 were made in a very short time — within a month. Shipped cars will be involved in the development of oil for transportation of bulky cargo, towing trailers, heavy trucks, platforms with the special equipment and trailers.

Tractor Truck KrAZ-6443 are equipped with a diesel V-twin engine JAMZ-6582.10 (Euro 3), power 330HP, manual transmission JAMZ-2381. This is the first delivery to the address of LLP "service drilling company" — Kazakhstan's leading enterprise specializing in providing services in the field of oil production and maintenance of wells.

Shipment inspection preceded the party ordered vehicles, which were prepared by specialists LLP "service drilling company." According to the results of acceptance of the customer company representatives expressed their satisfaction with performance of the order, and noted efficiency of manufacturing KrAZ.

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