Traffic police explain their actions

Not once acts policemen road patrol provoked outrage people.
Our correspondent spoke with the leaders of the traffic police nedavneshnem incident and the ways used by the traffic police to detain violators.
Deputy Managing GAI Belarus Igor Vanitsky said traffic police officers have exhausted all means to arrest the offender and the only sure method chosen.
Recall: in the evening on March 2 8 kilometer route Minsk-Mikashevichy traffic policemen suspended for four bands tracks four cars and ordered people to stay in the salons. Within seconds militiamen fled, and the drivers have seen that at high speed to them approaching car Volkswagen Golf.
The blow fell on the car, in which were husband with his wife and 3-year-old child. As a result of the tragedy offending driver with injuries brought to the clinic, and the driver of the car received numerous injuries. A complaint to the actions of employees GAI people appealed to the prosecutor.
Chapter GAI Igor Vanitsky said "freedom" that the traffic police tried to stop the driver of the intruder still on track Gomel. He did not respond to commands and tried to break away from the police.
Why not use the device "hedgehog"? Igor Vanitsky replied:
"A" hedgehog "- a four-wheel immediately. A distance between the column of vehicles that was moving very rich in a day or output criteria, and a car chase followed by, — 500 m Speed car — from 120 to 180 km. How long can you drive? yet the fact that our employees have had this "hedgehog" stretch. This is a risk to life would be made. But they tried do … If I had this "hedgehog" stretched to the whole column, 100%, that someone would have stumbled on it. Formed to congestion, and people was time to get out and see what happened. "
Reporter: "And whether it was possible to such a situation shoot the wheel "?
"In this case, impossible to get a handgun from the standard-issue weapon of the" Makarov "in the ring. And if we hit the oncoming car? Well, not the fact that at such speed breaks the wheel."
Reporter: "Why, then, the traffic police blocked the road not their official car"?
"The car, which raced in, moved about the same distance to the site of the collision, and that our cars in the opposite direction. Spacing between them monotonous. One of the employees had to leave the car, and the other — no."
Yuri Litvin, Managing patrol road service GAI Belarus states that inspectors had pinned hopes on survival instinct offender. Observers it seemed weird, considering that the traffic police themselves say that the driver was drunk. And in this state prytuplyayutstsa all instincts.
At times, society will find out about how to die while trying to arrest the drivers of cars and even their passengers. Businessmen shopping center "Parking" still have not forgotten how traffic police shot dead in Factory area of an employee who exceeded the speed limit and wanted to break away from the inspectors.
There was a case when a policeman fired at the engine and hit the passenger of the head, the wife of the driver who did not see when he made the symbol of the brakes on the street Zaporozhye.
SAI heads they say, that at the moment instrument used for the detention is not often-times in 10 years.
"Policemen are appropriate courses and know where to shoot, and where not. Usually shoot in the area of the motor. For this we spend each month stralyanni."
In cases where the use of guns to apprehend the offender led to the destruction of GAI officers to justice does not entice.
Under the law, inspectors patrol road service have the right "Use a gun to stop mc."
Participants recent mass street protests they say that the introduction of employee traffic police to break up demonstrations — a provocation by the authorities. During the "European march" traffic policemen of 3 cars did wedge, trying to divide the mass into small groups. During the action on 10 January they patrol cars made obstacles demonstrators. January 21 large wagons rode on the mass of demonstrators to oust them from the road part on the sidewalk. Tags: live, incident, highway Minsk-Mikashevichy, shield, traffic police

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