Tribunal: the existence of legitimate Gomel Bangalore

Subscriber action, coordinator of the movement "For Freedom" Vladimir Katsora so commented judge’s sentence:
"It again confirms that our courts dependent on the authorities. We have many years can not draw on the most urgent issues — the abolition of social benefits, the consequences of Chernobyl — no rallies or marches, although orders were fed 10’s. "
In court, Vladimir Katsora and managing regional organization PKB Vladimir Sekerka been explained that its decision establishing the one and only place to hold meetings, rallies, pickets — a platform at the DC Association of the Deaf "Vipra" City Council significantly violated the rights of individuals to freedom of speech, assembly, rallies, marches. All this is guaranteed by the Constitution and the people taken by Belarus on its international responsibilities.
Mentioned and such an example: in order to express their protest, for example, against the stench around the meat th tlushchakambinatav, inhabitants Navabelitski area must travel to picket on the reverse side of the town — on so called "Homel Bangalore" where people live who are unfamiliar prepyadstviya Novobelitse.
Over the past three years in general executive committee did not give permission to any mass action, which ordered democratic activists.
The representative of the Executive Committee Polina Lobanov did not recognize the plaintiff claims to the City Council decision concerning the definition of the 1st specific place for holding meetings, rallies and pickets. According to her, the decision of the executive committee justified interests of security and public order.
Such was the position of the referee Kazachok explaining the refusal to recognize the executive committee decision is not appropriate legislation.
"Not only in Gomel — this is generally set in the country, this situation, which breaks the people’s right to freedom of expression, meetings. This is the caseare representatives of the current regime in order so that people do not could tell. They are afraid to listen to people who are afraid of their performances.
And the courts we have today — a dependent branch. They do what they utter the same executive authorities, "- says the plaintiff to the court, managing regional organization PKB Vladimir Sekerka. Tags: Gomel, pickets, rallies, city council, the tribunal

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