Truckers property questioned

Unregistered earth can put later confiscated
Meanwhile least half of the owners cottages started the paperwork.
How to prevent bureaucrats Municipal Property Committee, unreported earth can later put confiscated:
"As recorded in the civilian code? When people something almost power, he should issue a legally its right. While, for example, the house is decorated, it is believed that it does not exist. Because in this case it is assumed of mandatory techno inventory: preparation of technical passports, registration certificates for garden house. On land, usually, people register their right to even earlier. Prepyadstviya but should be considered in the complex: the registration of land rights on earth and garden house. "
Economist Sergei Balykin divides the country care about the need for registration of real estate. Say, is not only a regular for the entire civilized world thing, and probable argument in disputes over property. Another thing, according to the professional that certain amounts for services seriously scare owners:
"There is nothing unnatural to register property. Contrary, completely natural, if necessary municipal property registration. Least as real estate now — it’s one of the big real values. And so expensive property must be registered in order to right accessories confirm. And if you do not have your own desk accessories, then how to deal with controversial issues — who it belongs to? But what we have fees for services such highest — so is another matter entirely! What we bureaucracy works so bad — this is also another thing. ‘Cause in the end is that in globally considered natural, in Belarus try to make through one place, not a bad thing in turning incomprehensible to implement. In short, can we do something silly. But this … Belarus "
In cadastral agencies warn more difficult will be the owners who are not members of cooperatives, and hence can not impose on aid chairman accountant or cooperative. Society leaders take no additional load, providing lists of collective executive committees on those who are no documents. Then Ispolkomovskaya surveyor visited the site, covering several areas at once, which significantly reduces the cost of design.
Though his own, but have to pay extra
To start registration of real estate, you need an application to be treated in the department of the Executive Committee, in charge of friendship garden. After the announcement of the decision on the allocation of land, the documents forwarded to the Institute "Belgiprazem" where within 2 months will be conducted so called zemlyavladkavalnaya.
Will have to pay about 70 bucks for the registration building area of 50 square meters. If the area is large — fee rises. To legalize houses and earthen put together can go up to 3 months. Separately — up to six months.
Emperor Alexei already privatized the country. Recognizes the efforts it cost more — both physical and real. He explains on his own experience the difference between a fundamentally new cottagers and an old standard:
"Earlier there privatized cottage, in other words, without the technical passport, it was impossible to implement. So I privatize it, although it was not easy. The difference is that so far there was no force if maesssya ever sell — draws do not want — do not need. But to realize without privatization was impossible until such time as will not be at the hands of the technical passport. A passport discharged only when privatized. In short, the situation is identical to that that at the moment with counters: until we put counters on the cool and hot water on the principle of "you can put, you can not put", but soon this case completed and will be all forced. Also, of course, there is a decree. "
Many gardeners have issued municipal acts on earth for many more years ago. But in the absence of the executive committee of stamps registration procedure for design of land ownership is considered incomplete. Add migraine and check the building structure. Without registration certificate, as already noted Alexei house can not be conveyed on the heritage, it can not realize or donate. Lack of information about the building in general cadastral register will be the basis of termination of the contract of sale.

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