Trying to gather in the square ended detentions


For a couple of minutes before the scheduled start of the action businessmen police seized favorite movement "For Freedom" Milinkevich in Victory Square. Together with him were detained Alexei Kovalets and Ales Lahviniec
All were taken to the investigative committee that the street Sappers and interrogated in a criminal case, which was previously filed in connection with the events of January 10.
Reminder: January 10 over 2-thousand protesters blocked Independence Avenue businessmen and column passed carriageway avenue to Government House.
Interior Minister Vladimir Naumov massive mess referred to it and said that the police opened a criminal case.

Alexander Milinkevich said "Freedom" after questioning:
"More than 3 hours of the investigator asked about what role I perceive why perceived who was the organizer of the people I know, etc. He explained that a criminal case. However, he did not say who the accused. I passed as a witness. "
Police also detained Vyacheslav Siuchyka and 1st of the favorites of entrepreneurs’ movement Alexander Makaeva. At first they kept almost three o’clock in the Leninsky district police station and later taken to the investigative committee to interrogate a criminal case.
On October Square were almost all militia control — the officers of the Ministry of Urban Management and Internal Affairs. As the square was going to a group of 10 people, she was surrounded by riot police and people afflicted with various parties in the area.
Entrepreneurs indignant:
Gennady: "We are outraged. Fact that we pushed to October Square, causing outrage. Riot police entered meanly, not allowing businessmen to express their position in relation to the decree 760. I would compare — as Stalin destroyed the NEP, as Lukashenko in 2008, destroying the middle class . "
Sergey: "Businessmen are not given word. Authorities at least thinking about, what they do!"

Us small fish willing to feed the huge sharks. Why supermarket price is higher, SP?

Constantine"In such a country living. Pushed … Well, their orders."
Biznesmenka Lena from Baranovichi:
"We are not here litsezreem interests. Here the interests of big business. Us, small fish willing to feed huge sharks. Why supermarket price is higher, SP? I also pay taxes. Pay taxes ahead and sleep restlessly. At the same time I called spekulyantkay. "
To the role of business in the third action people came from the regions. Misha from Novopolotsk told:
"We simply destroyed as a class. We Vitebsk region. In regions such repression go! .. In Minsk, maybe even something that works and does not work in the regions or factory or factories. People can not find jobs at the moment. Now I have, for example, worked three ladies. They now can not find work for yourself. "
On the square, police detained a businessman from Gomel Vladimir Nepomnyashchikh together with a lady whose name is unclear. They were put in a police "funnels" and taken to the Central police station.

We just destroy the class …

Commandos couple of times afflicted people living chains from October Square — Independence Avenue towards the GUM and Engels Street at Liberty Square. Passers-by did not miss. Specifically, such makarom minchane learned that the square is scheduled meeting businessmen. To the side of the authorities, many people spoke bad enough.
Acceleration time possible protesters detained commandos Olga Kozulin, who tried to go with a banner. Lady was taken to the Central police district.
The policemen said that after asking all persons detained unleash.

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