Two years after the Plaza

Andrew knows Lyubyanchuk from Brest
"In Minsk went in advance, on Friday evening. When driving into Minsk, it was night. We stopped by policemen. Where, Why, viewed all of our things. But we have invented earlier version. We uttered that we were going to woo the other. Those behold the that the car 5 men move wooing. Everything is fine. … We missed during Piazza drove his own car, drove thermos with hot coffee a couple of times went on petrol for the generator to refuel. I remember that at first were all somehow — in their groups. Who it was so divided among themselves. Some sandwiches, gulls. Later all merged and have been together. One man said: "I do not know when it was going together so many people who really think so light, have some hope, have a purpose, really willing to do anything to change the situation in the country."

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