Tyumen Technopark technology is ready for use

Presentations developments resident business incubator Tyumen Technopark builders can become traditional. They will be held under the auspices of the General Directorate of Construction and Housing of the Tyumen region. This was one of the first presentations of the director of the West-Siberian Innovation Centre Alexander Sakevich.

"We try to represent those projects whose products can already be used in the construction of buildings, structures and other facilities. This is really new materials and technologies. Already have facilities where they apply. The builders may be interested to know about them and use at as a test ", — Alexander Sakevich.

 One of the most interesting technologies developed in the business incubator — industrial construction of buildings in the frame of the performance of precast concrete. Decided to apply this technology to the real object and received land for construction of houses. In fact, the idea has turned into a real investment project. "Since the company does not have sufficient funds to build a house, we expect interest from builders to participate in this project as an investor", — Said Alexander Sakevich.

Chairman of the Committee on Innovation of the Tyumen region Alexey Sannikov said that the residents of a business incubator ready to show to interested business representatives precisely those technologies that have been developed and highly available for use in construction. "We assume that all the residents of Technopark find customers", — Said Alexey Sannikov.

So, on the eve of the presentation held Tyumen offered to builders to use magnesia cement. It was presented by Dmitry Govorukhin, a specialist company resident Technopark"Industrial mineral".

He said that the magnesium cement — a component of a large range of modern building materials. Because of its quality — environmentally friendly, fire resistance, fast curing — is gaining popularity all over the world. The company "Industrial mineral" is planning to organize the production of the cement, and then the building materials. "We plan to use it as a hardening accelerator concrete. According to studies, the use of this additive in the production of expanded dramatically increases the strength of the blocks on the first day of drying units. This improves the performance of the enterprise and profit, "- said Dmitry Govoruhin.

Another option is the use of magnesium cement — the creation of gypsum partition panels used as wall partitions. They are made in the form of a cement frame with a cavity with a possible internal insulation polystyrene. The main advantage of plates — fire resistance, sound insulation, light weight. As compared with a brick wall such partition easier to six times. This reduces the load on the foundation and slab. In addition, increases the usable floor area. Reducing costs and construction itself, as the mounting plate is very simple and reminiscent of the assembly of the designer. These panels are used in construction. The main supplier — Chinese firm WODE, but the supply of these products in Russia is limited.

Another use of magnesium cement — production silolitovyh warm floors that are widely used due to its properties. It is non-combustible, frost resistance, resistance to abrasion. This floor can be successfully applied in the factory premises, it does not slip and magnets.


In 2011, the incubator has received 15 new projects related to the fields of information technology, oil, biotechnology and agriculture, and ecology.

Five new developments are in the process of research and development work on three projects already created prototypes, two inventions have already been displayed on the manufacturing level. For the remaining tests are conducted and created designs.

Thanks to grants from the government of the Tyumen region a number of companies have begun to implement their projects and ideas. For example, a resident of the industrial park "Industrial mineral" plans in the first half of 2012 to start production of a unique building material, which has no analogues in Russia — cement magniesoderzhaschih of waste iron and steel industry.

In 2011, the refinery Antipinskoe successfully tested the device for rapid analysis of liquids "Fotekon"Developed by the same company.

Tests showed that the new invention of the Tyumen scientists can reduce test time from hours to 15-20 minutes, and in some cases replace a fleet of expensive equipment. Such examples — dozens.

Industrial park projects have been presented at contests, where they won awards. For example, the Institute of Ecology and Natural Resources with the project, provided the setting for flaring gas, won the right to place in the "Skolkovo".

Another project of the company — neftesorbiruyuschy Coupons for cleaning oil-contaminated streams — III took place in the "innovative idea" at the IV All-Russian Youth Innovation Convention «Digital October».

Now in a business incubator based 33 small companies that sell 35 innovative projects. To stimulate scientific breakthroughs of their support for the government of the Tyumen region, offsetting 90% of the cost of building a prototype, and 50% — for patenting. For 2010-2011, grants were ten residents of Technopark.


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