U.Papruga: It’s a shame that the church leads to the destruction of Minsk

Ulitenok: "In the near future a lot of rumors about law violations in connection with the construction of Orthodox educational center at the corner of Commerce and Cyril and Methodius …"
Girth: "In the same way as complexes Nyamiha, this object ignores the historical structure plyanirovachnuyu own quarter and indescribably Authentic distorts the historical houses, which could still be returned. That construction is more reminiscent of a farm estate complex millionaires early 70s mid the 80s. "
Ulitenok: "And you can sketch indicate how it is possible to circumvent the law previously approved plans?"
Girth: "Building on Trade Street, 27 at the time transferred to the Belarusian Culture Fund. But perhaps, on the initiative of the Orthodox Church was selected 10 years and just stood conserved. Having been destroyed. And in its place built what we had read.
This approach, when historical and cultural sites of Minsk found out restoration or reconstruction abilities to other investors, we can follow the street and Vitebsk. There’s completely analogous scheme several buildings had actually brought to the plight of the state and it is entirely possible — very soon be destroyed.
And again the same — they are also on the balance of the Orthodox Church.
It’s a shame that a religious organization leads to the direct destruction of historical and cultural heritage of the Republic of Belarus and indescribably complicated process of scientific and methodological regeneration and restoration of monuments. "
Ulitenok: "And is there any information concerning the complex comforting about Liberty Square — Bernardine monastery? He almost did the only tselnazahavany monastery complex in Minsk?"
Girth: "Institute Minskproyekt" are now working on the placement on the terrain of this monastic complex is actually the newest hotel. With all this planned to kill the original surviving buildings and structures of the monastery, turning it all into a multilevel concrete pit, which is filled with parking, swimming pool, restaurants, gyms, bowling , casinos and others. "
Ulitenok: "Commercial interests are clear here, Vladimir. But — a rhetorical question: where looks Ministry of Culture?"
Girth: "Such acts grossly contradict national legislation and testify to the complete lack of understanding of how workers’ Minskproyekt" and officials of the Ministry of Culture modern real problems of restoration of monuments. "

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