U.S.: 6 Al Qaeda will go on trial

In the midst of the accused — Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who is considered to manage komplota.
Cudits they will be a military court. If he recognizes the defendants guilty, the military prosecutor will request the death penalty.
As a result, the attack on the Global Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington, DC September 11, 2001 killed almost three thousand people.
At a press conference, a representative of the Ministry of Defense Brigadier General Thomas Hartmann said the results of the investigation. "Al-Qaeda" has developed a long-term plan to attack the United States. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was a hidden komplota manage, and it was he who proposed his own plan for Osama bin Laden back in 1996. He organized the terrorist act, watched the preparations for participating in the operation in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
In the midst of other defendants — his nephew, Ali Abdul Aziz Ali, who was listed as the deputy manager of operations. Prosecution also presented assistant Shaykh Muhammad — Mustafa Ahmed Havsavi, Modern Binalshybhu which provided a link between Tipo robbers aircraft and control "of al-Qaeda," Waleed bin attaches, who, according to the indictment, picking and taught kidnappers aircraft and Muhammad Qahtani, who initially planned to be on board the aircraft during samagubchaga attack. They all were born or grew up in Coconut Palm, Saudi Arabia or the Gulf countries.
"Amnesty International": part of the testimony could be obtained as a result of torture
Hartmann assured that the process will take place according to the laws, which are commonly used during the tribunals of fighters. But human rights activists say that the military courts are dependent, that they are in the midst of the rest, do not provide the same rights to protection as civilians courts. For example, lawyers are appointed in the same category of military lawyers.
Human rights defenders also resemble that of the evidence and confessions of the accused was obtained under duress and torture. Thus, the interrogations of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was used far-fetched way of drowning, which is considered torture. After these interviews, he pleaded guilty in organizing attacks on the U.S. on September 11, and in a number of previous terrorist acts by Worldwide. In this regard, the representative of the organization "Amnesty International" Robert Fryer said:
"The big problem for us is that part of the testimony provided by the processes of this kind could be obtained as a result of torture or violent appeals. And this — absolutely unacceptable violation of international law."
Experts believe that the trial of the six prisoners may award them the death penalty, and has already begun debate on the eligibility of such solutions.
Brigadier General Thomas Hartmann at a press conference confirmed the possibility of such a sentence:
"When the chairman of the military court, arbitrator Susan Crawford decide that these acts are punishable by death, the accused may be sentenced to the death penalty."
However, in 2006 another co-defendant Mousavi Zakaryyas was sentenced to indefinite detention for his role in the September 11 attacks. Tags: International, Amnesty, Al-Qaeda, in September, a military court, 11

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