U.S. build new submarines with strategic missiles

U.S. build new submarines with strategic missiles
September 6 a day or fifteen years from the entry into service of the U.S. Navy nuclear submarine USS «Louisiana» (SSBN-743). This submarine was the last ship of the project «Ohio» («Ohio»), started back in the ’70s. In 2002, after the withdrawal of the fleet submarines of Project «Benjamin Franklin» «Ohio» were the only South American type of nuclear submarines with ballistic missiles. Since that time has passed a lot of time and it’s time to start creating new projects submarines, which will come to replace the existing.

Last days have been prolific on actions relating to the future of the South American and British submarine fleets. At first, August 31, at the Washington Shipyard Washington Navy Yard were signed promising core requirements for the boats, and on September 6 has received reports on the approval of these requirements, the fleet command. Approved a package of documents is the first step towards the creation of a descent 2-projects: the South American «Ohio Replacement» («Replacement for» Ohio «») and the British «Successor». Signing the papers did not work without the loud statements. According to managing applets «Ohio Replacement» V. Bruhema certified document marks significant progress in building strategic boats.

Documentation Contents on technical requirements absolutely has not been announced — were named only approximate dates of his incarnation. Of narrated that new submarines will be in service for decades and will be able to set a new record for long service. Thus, the construction of the first boat is currently planned for 2021 monetary year. In 2027 the head submarine fleet will be given, and after 3-4 years it will go on his first tour of duty with the missiles on board. Construction of the entire series will continue until 2040-45 years when «Ohio Replacement» will be the only type of submarines, are in order. But more exciting look no delivery time of new boats, but the timing of write-offs. According responsible for the program from «Ohio Replacement», submarines of this type will cross the ocean to 2080. For this reason, already at this point have to consider a number of aspects of technical direction, also features special long-term operation.

One of the problems that faces the customer and potential contractors is to provide the ability to use new boats such strategic missiles, which not only is not yet, and not even planned. To this end, the current maximum, the issue of unification launchers for ballistic missiles or even the creation of a universal shafts for submarines. These devices must be installed on «Ohio Replacement», that will allow rearm small boats comparable efforts. In addition, the new universal silos will be the basis of weapons not only American submarines. British promising project «Successor» also receive this equipment, which is expected to be jointly developed by the U.S. and Britain.

It is not clear what form the basis of the missile weapons boats created by programmke «Ohio Replacement». Perhaps this will be the new ballistic missiles, continue the current line of the South American SLBM «Trident». But there are no reports on the existence or at least plans to create «Trident III» rockets or other promising. At the same time, already at the moment of the sample can be read head arms promising properties boats. During the events, representatives nedavneshnih fleet let slip that the existing 14 submarines «Ohio» can be changed only 12 promising. From this we can draw certain conclusions about the combat potential and requirements for new missiles. Perhaps the number of missiles will be refunded their quality, and more specifically, the highest range and a huge number of warheads.

Declared fascinating approach to the creation of new boats. Earlier, in 1995, the missile UGM-133A «Trident II» D5 were adopted by the British Navy as a weapons Boat type «Vanguard». Acceptance into service preceded by a series of military-technical agreement, transfer the respective documentation, etc. With all this developer missiles remained the United States. Now, apparently British role in the development of new weapons will be even greater. English engineers, as a minimum, will take part in the development of universal launchers for its own and American nuclear submarines. Maybe in the near future will become clear and a similar approach to the development of the very promising missiles, but on this point there is no official of information.

Announced project newest submarine ballistic missiles at once fascinating for several reasons. In 1-x, the creation of a similar military equipment always attracts attention. In-2-x, the program «Ohio Replacement» should lead to a complete substitution of the existing boats like «Ohio,» which at the present time are the only South American submarines with ballistic missiles. In the end, the expected service life of the new submarines versatile look that also heats the public enthusiasm. Given the American practice of lighting and advertising on similar projects, most recently worth waiting new messages, while not necessarily positive. Would be entirely possible that because of the difficulty goals new SSBN and missiles for them to be made with a significant lag from the originally set deadlines.

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