U.S. is ahead of Russia on strategic offensive weapons — DEPARTMENT OF STATE

U.S. is ahead of Russia on strategic offensive weapons - DEPARTMENT OF STATE
October 4. United States as before ahead of Russia in the number of nuclear weapons falling under contract START-3, according to a State Department fact sheet posted on the results of a further exchange of information under the agreement.
A new contract on START, which entered into force on 5 February 2011 obliges Russia and the United States to reduce and limit the number of deployed and non-deployed strategic offensive arms. Starting from April 6, 2011, in the Russian Federation and the United States may be held once a year to 18 inspections. Exchange of information on the number of weapons occurs every six months — March 1 and September 1.
«The U.S. has deployed 806 ballistic missiles and sea-based, and languid bombers in the Russian Federation — 491. These missiles and bombers set tyscha 1 722 American warheads and 1 499 thousand tyscha — Russian», — stated in the certificate.
According to the State Department, the U.S. has just one tyscha 34 ready to use and in reserve for missile launchers on land, sea and air, in the Russian Federation — 884.
As previously said to RIA Novosti U.S. State Department spokesman Jamie Mannina, USA Our homeland during the contract act on START to exchange information on the movement of weapons and missile 2 thousand 800 times.
Advisory Commission in the framework of the START-3 met four times.

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